Top 4 Industries Considering Virtual Reality

Everyone has been talking about virtual reality since it was used in different contexts. It’s much more than just a trendy word. Although it may seem taken from a sci-fi film, now it is a reality.

In this article, we show the top 4 industries with great interest and effort invested in the introduction of virtual reality to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. Welcome to the future!

  1. Healthcare

Do not think that virtual reality is for leisure, recreation, or entertainment purposes only. It is also used for therapeutic benefits.

Several health organizations, clinics, hospitals and even schools have formed strategic partnerships with virtual reality suppliers in order to take advantage of the potential of such new technology in support of patients. Examples of companies interested in investing here include Karuna Labs, Augmedics, Surgical Theatre, Medivis, Touch Surgery, among others.

Mental health treatment is one of the highest priority medical areas. Isn’t it incredible? It is. Although progress remains to be made in this respect, improved care is being offered to patients with this advanced technology. It has proven itself as a means of treating mental disorders. Thanks to virtual reality, people with ADHD have successfully enhanced their lives. In this way, it has been approved that it can also work well for different phobias. Afraid of heights, public speaking or enclosed spaces? Never again! Feel confident that virtual reality has the magic to change that.

  1. Retail

There is extensive evidence that consumers seek out better and innovative products and services that will help them to make the most advantageous choice.

That is why, in cooperation with the Australian company Myer, eBay developed an application to offer its products through a virtual reality experience. How it works: Using a virtual reality viewer, you view a product, and by holding your gaze on it select an item that then “floats” towards you. Furthermore, if you want access to product information, price, availability and shipping, you just need to click the information icons with your eyes.

There is no doubt that organizations have a big challenge. Even though they don’t want this, companies should fit the requirements of the industry, according to the desires and interests of the buying client. Consumers are open to new experiences that are both surprising and creative.

  1. Tourism

If you were told you have the ability to teleport yourself, would you believe it? Perhaps you are sceptical about the subject. But the reality is that it is already possible. You can travel as far as you like, across town or around the world, in seconds.

One of the first adopters of virtual reality in the tourism industry was Marriott Hotels. Together with Samsung Electronics America, this luxury hotel chain launched a virtual reality service. It provides its clients with immersive experiences in its rooms. You have a choice of different destinations straight to your needs. This virtual tour allows you to get a real insight into what you would see before exploring on foot.

Traditional tourism remains irreplaceable, but as environmental awareness and protection have increased, virtual reality is a more ecological alternative to explore the world without leaving a trace. Yet, at the same time, the sensations that you get from this information system are unique.

  1. Games

In order to increase their digital presence and garner attention from the millennial generation, several companies are investing in virtual reality. Such as, for example, casinos. These promise to revolutionize the world of gambling.

Large and famous companies as Microgaming, Lucky VR, NetEnt, VR Poker are actively involved in developing projects for Google Glass and other devices with virtual reality support. In addition, there is talk of the possibility of joining casinos and video games on a single platform. Is it not mind-blowing? Of course, it is!

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