Top apps to control your budget

We never get tired of talking about how important it is to control our expenses and build competent financial plans. To make it all easier, it is recommended to use special applications for accounting finance. Looking for the one to test out? Trust us – we did research and have picked the most interesting and functional solutions for you.

During app testing, we took into account several important criteria:

  • Application specifications
  • Cost
  • Interface
  • Intuitiveness

Check the below list to pick a program that suits your needs best.

What App Will Help You Plan Your Budget?

No matter if you want to play top free mobile games or buy a new dress, it is recommended to plan your budget for future investment. By the way, in the former case, it is always good to select a trusted casino offering free gameplay. Browse their website to find tens of high-quality and trusted houses, where you can play all your favorite games free of charge. If you want to fight for a real jackpot, then you will need to plan the financial aspect. Use any of the below apps to keep your budget under control.

1. CoinKeeper

The first application in our review is shareware – it has both a free version with a limited set of features as well as a paid one with full functionality and no restrictions on the number of categories to be used. Before you start using the application, you need to register on their website. This is convenient because you store all the data about your purchases in the cloud, and the transition to another device will not be painful.

In CoinKeeper, all your cash transfers are divided into 4 groups:

  • income – money that comes to you. There may be several sources of income;
  • accounts – money you have now;
  • expenses – in each category, you can set a spending limit per month, and the application will warn you when you are close to the limit;
  • goals – for example, you want to save up for a new TV. Set a goal, save money, and observe progress.

The application is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface.

2. Monefy

Like the previous solution, this application has both a paid and free version. The paid one provide you with the following: an unlimited number of categories and access to a full library of icons, multicurrency, synchronization with an account on another device (in this case, the data are on Dropbox or Google Drive), password protection, an extended widget, and a dark theme for more comfortable ap use in low light conditions.

By default, the Monefy application has 14 categories of expenses (only 12 of them are displayed on the first screen), and 3 categories of income. It is possible to add accounts (for example, if you have several cards).

3. Wallet

Some of the pros of the solution are the availability of budget tables, synchronization with banks (the app supports about 4 thousand banks), and automatic categorization of purchases. A flexible budget function is also available there – thus, you can build a debt repayment schedule or record the amount given to someone on loan. There are charts and financial reviews of current and credit accounts that help to understand the debt situation and the influx of finances.

4. Money Lover

Money Lover is one of the most widely used applications today. Its popularity is associated with the search feature (searching for ATMs and banks nearby), tip calculator, the ability to scan receipts, as well as synchronization with banks. There is also a desktop version of the application, so you can access your account from any place and machine.

Final Say

Plan your budget smartly – use any of the above solutions to keep track of all financial transactions and keeping every coin under control. Avoid overspending and develop a skill of smart money-spending.