Top Five Android Apps to help you stay connected with Olympics

Best Olympics Apps for Android

Olympics games lit up the sportsman spirit in everyone, held every four years. Olympics is one of the largest multisport events that conjoins the sportspersons from all over the five continents. Instead of keeping an eye on to the television screen, you can check the stats and get updates about the complete games right on your smartphones. Hre we list out the best Olympics Apps for Android that can deliver you the best regarding the Olympic games.

Best Olympics Apps for Android

Here are the top most five Android apps to take your Olympics experience to another level.


The official Olympics app by IOC (International Olympic Committee) encompasses all the phases of the Olympics. You can get everything right from the Olympic Torch Relay to the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The app also has options to get the stadiums where the games happen. The app also suggests the latest news about Olympics, local community, cultural and city celebrations. You can download and Install the app for free on your Android smartphone. 

Olympics Official App for Android

NBC Sports

The NBC Sports provides you with the personalized sports news, updates about the events including Olympic Games. The app makes sure the users do not miss any sports events, so they deliver you the information from every sports section including soccer, athletics, etc. The app provides the Olympics news and updates in every single season, so you would not have to search for another app next time. You can also get the sports news fro all around the globe, including NFL, NBA, and NHL.

NBC Sports app for Android

Hulu TV

Hulu is one of the most popular online television networks, a joint venture of the American tycoon companies including Walt Disney, at&t, etc. The app provides you with every TV channels, shows, and available on-demand programs. Recently, the developers announced a new feature to the app, that will let you personalize the app for Olympics. you can set your preference to get the Olympics news, updates and streams on time. With the subscription, you can easily get connected with every channel on the Hulu.

Hulu TV App for Android


Eurosport is the European sports television network. The app is available to download on to your Android smartphones. The app mainly focuses on delivering the news stories regarding the games. You can get the complete updates and information through news, but no streams and interactive scorecards are available on the app. If you really do want to get the news and not the real-time data, this app could be the best companion of yours during Olympic games seasons.

Eurosports App for Android

Team USA

If you are from the United States want to get more updates about the US team, the app by the Official US Olympics team is the best option. The official Team USA app by USOC (United States Olympic Committee) is to support the team and players. You can download the app and get the complete details and updates about the game. Also, the details of athletes, event list and gold medals earned are available to check right from the app. You can also get exclusive videos and news of your athletes performing in the Olympics stadiums.

Official Team USA app for Android

Hope you found the best companion app that suits your Olympic-style. Comment down the best apps, if you know some more.

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