Top Five Traveling Apps for Android Phone and Tablet Users

Top five Traveling Apps for Android Phone and Tablet Users

If you are an Android user and a travel junkie chances are you might have been searching for some Android traveling apps to help you explore different destinations and make your traveling experience a lot easier. Isn’t it? If yes, check out our list of five free and best traveling apps for Android users.

Free and Best Traveling apps for Android users

Here are the hottest, top-rated apps that you need on your smartphone while traveling.


It lets you read reviews about different destinations and get opinions from travelers before you plan your perfect trip. The TripAdvisor is also the best travel companion that you can use to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurant tables. The interactive travel forum can also find you the best travel destinations to visit.

TripAdvisor app for Android

Trip Advisor includes a ‘Near Me Now’ feature that lets you find near you best places to eat and visit. Just enter the address and you are done! It can be considered as one the one stop solution to all your hotels, restaurant, and cheap flight searches.


Skyscanner is one among the top rated apps that helps you to get cheap flight tickets to any country. It has a flight details search engine that will find you where you could get the flight tickets for the most affordable price. When you search for flights between two places, the app or website will search for flights with every single available service, including connected ones. It also shows the cheapest, fastest and best flight services on the row.

Skyscanner Cheap Flights


Rove is a cool social travel app, that connects between stranger travelers. It can connect you with many travelers across the globe, who are much of globetrotters like you. It finds you the nearby backpackers. Like Instagram, you can also post pictures, videos and other memories regarding a place you visited. There will also be suggestions about the people who share your similar ideas. There is also a private chat option provided. It is also an excellent platform for keeping your travel memories. Have a look at the Rove app now.

Rove Chat and Meet New People

Google Trips

Trips app by the Internet giant Google is also another powerful, helpful app that can help you plan your trips and travels. It has an automatic trip organization that gathers your trip-related emails (hotel, flight) booking and set trip plan as well as reminders. You can also bundle order the hotel rooms, diners, flight tickets at once. The app also includes options to discover the nearby tourist spots and beautiful locations. Google Trips can also work offline, without internet.

Google Trips - Travel Planner


Tripi is an award-winning app that organizes your trips for your better convenience. You do not need to think out louder about the locations you have to visit when you are heading a destination. This app provides you the complete trip organization option. All you need is to make a decision about the destination and book the tickets. Once the bookings are confirmed, you can send email to the Tripit with your plan and confirmation proofs. The team will set an optimal itinerary for your tip, and you can get the complete package details including the places to visit.

Tripit Travel Organizer

Let us know if you have suggestions for the best traveling apps for android users.

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