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Free Music Search Engine Online

There are thousands of Search Engines provided for songs, but most of them are not free of cost. Searching on the search engines for a particular song does take a lot of time. People are fond of music these days, and everyone does want to have songs at the free price and enjoy the tune in their recreation time. Today, we are talking about some top free online MP3 music search engines to download songs in MP3 format.

There are many sites, but many ask for payment through debit cards and all. Nowadays, Search Engines for downloading free songs have come out randomly. There are many free Search Engines for downloading and listening to songs that are in the list below.

Free online MP3 music search engines

Here is the list of Music search engine you can use every day.

  1. AllMusic
  2. Last.FM
  3. Sound Click
  4. AmoyShare
  5. BeeMP3

Among the long list of online music search engine where you can search for free MP3 music, we sorted out the top five. Here are the best from our experience in chronological order.

1] AllMusic

Free online MP3 music search engines

AllMusic is the in-depth mp3 search engine which has a massive repository of MP3 music and songs. You can discover songs and music files without even logging in. It allows you to search through multiple genres and artists. When you select the song, the app will show you the link to buy the song from any of the online music stores, including Amazon.

However, you can listen to the samples instantly. Signing up is free on AllMusic. Like Spotify, you can get personalized suggestions, daily editor choices, etc.

2] Last.FM

top free online MP3 music search engines

The Last FM is famous for its online radio streaming and live music services. Using their official websites last. Fm, you can listen to any songs instantly.

It also provides the most excellent-searching method. You can connect the Last.FM with your Spotify account to listen to unlimited songs.

3] SoundClick


SoundClick is a musical, social media that provides you with the opportunity to hear millions of songs. After signing up, you can search for any songs and stream them at 160Kbps bitrate quality. The downloading quality is available up to 320kbps. The website offers every service at no cost, so you do not need a single penny to listen or download the songs. As the platform is a social network, it does not assure you to offer you the original version of the song search. It is the hashtags used by the publisher, whoever it is.

4] AmoyShare


AmoyShare is a media conversion and finding platform online. The Online Music search engine and the downloading platform is just a part of the AmoyShare, so you can also get videos, convert youtube videos, etc.

You can do mp3 searches from various video-streaming sites, including Youtube, Archive, Jamendo, 4Shared.

5] BeeMP3


BeeMP3 holds one of the largest catalogs of music among the websites. They have almost every song and artist from A to Z. The homepage lists the top 20 artists and songs. You can also search and discover your favorite artists, then download music for free. The service is free, so, unlike AllMusic and Last FM, you would not have to worry about the subscription.

If you are addicted to music and want to get songs for free, the above-listed sites are best suited for your needs.

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