Top iPad Apps for Music Lovers

One of the reasons why iPad is considered as the most lovable device is its ability  to play music well. Music Lovers, at any given time can find in App Store their favorite music and play it right away. Most music apps are free but, some are paid ones. If you are looking for top iPad music apps, check out my list of  ‘Top iPad Apps for Music Lovers’.

Top iPad Apps for Music Lovers

1. Pandora

Pandora tops the list because it is very easy to use and is absolutely free. Pandora has a great feature called Music Genome Project that helps you find your favorite music in creating your personalized radio station.

2. Vevo HD

This is one of the top iPad apps for music lovers which is considered as Hulu in the world of music industry. Vevo is also free and can be downloaded from the App Store anytime. It lets you create a playlist of up to 25,000 music videos or listen directly to your favorite artist playlist. You can also share videos with your friends and even watch recent news, premier videos and live concerts using this app. You can even use your TV to get the big-screen experience using your iPad’s A/V adapter.

3. Discovr Music

Discover Music helps you find your favorite music using name of a artist or organize by albums. It is quite similar to Pandora. With the price of $4.99, Discovr appears affordable and allows you to read reviews, preview songs and find music in YouTube and download the available music in iTunes.

4. iRadio

This app costs just $2.99 but gives access to over 45, 000 radio stations (AM/FM) around the world. You can even buy a song you have just enjoyed listening on iTunes. You can perform basic functions such as rewind, pause and fast forward. You can also set manually your favorite radio station, or favorite artist using iRadio app.

5. Glee Karaoke

Glee Karaoke will not just let you listens to music but do a lot more. This popular app is available in the App Store for free!

These were top 5 iPad Apps for Music Lovers that surely you will love. If you want to download any of the above application to your iPad, just visit the app link by clicking the app name listed above.