Top Yoga apps to have in your phone

Yoga is good for both physical health and peace of mind. In our selection, you will find applications that will help beginners to understand the basics and may be useful for people with some yoga experience who want to improve their level, along with how BetterHelp Meditative practice helps you maintain calmness and self-control.

So, here is the list of the best meditative practices apps:

  1. Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio application contains 65 interesting lessons in yoga and meditation of different levels of difficulty and duration (from 10 to 60 minutes). All the exercises are given with detailed video instructions in HD quality. In addition, users can create their own training programs from video exercises and blocks with positions. Also, you can customize the musical accompaniment or turn on the sounds of nature for complete relaxation. Yoga Studio can also come in handy when you plan a lesson schedule – it automatically syncs with your calendar.

  1. FitStar Yoga

If you do yoga to lose weight and develop flexibility, FitStar Yoga is your choice. The training program was composed by the trainer and founder of the New York yoga studio Strala Yoga Tara Stiles. It is important to note: the application adapts to the user. It all starts with simple introductory sessions that help assess your level of preparation, but gradually the lessons become more complicated. For each lesson, like in the Yoga Studio app, there is video instruction, audio guidance, and music. FitStar Yoga is convenient for tracking your progress and achievements. In addition, integration with other applications, such as Jawbone UP, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit, is provided.

  1. 5 Minute Yoga

The excuse “I don’t have time” will no longer work. In this application, you will find 350 short but effective yoga classes that take 5 minutes or even less to do. In addition to the library with the illustrations and detailed instructions of poses, the application has a timer so that you can track the time spent.

  1. Track Yoga

The application helps you to understand the intricacies of different yoga practices step by step. The app is also aimed to develop a habit of practicing regularly. Track Yoga allows you to set weekly goals and track your progress. Receiving reminders is also configured. All lessons are divided into programs that help achieve specific goals: there are classes for beginners, development of flexibility, fitness for the whole body, yoga against depression, and yoga workout. There are lessons to relieve stress, back pain, to speed up metabolism. You can also find morning exercises, yoga programs to develop balance and exercises for people who have little time. In general, you can choose a program to your taste.

  1. Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

An important part of any yoga class is relaxation. And the right playlist will help you relax. In this application, you can choose the tracks and sounds that you like: the sound of rain, flute, monastic chants, and even a vacuum cleaner – and you can create your own playlist for relaxation based on them.

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  1. Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Proper conscious breathing is just as important a part of yoga as stretching. Universal Breathing will teach you the basics of pranayama – a set of exercises for calm diaphragmatic breathing.

To conclude

Not everyone has the time and to attend yoga classes. There is a simple solution: the applications will help to stretch your muscles and relax without leaving your home or office.