TubeChop: Share Only a Part of YouTube Video on Facebook and Twitter

Tube Chop

YouTube has a large collection of videos where there are tutorial videos, entertainment videos, humor videos, funny videos and many more. I spend most of my day on the YouTube website watching the interesting videos. In some of the YouTube videos only a part of the video would be interesting and I feel embarrassed to share the entire video for only a part of the video which created interest. So, I have surfed and found a web application which is helpful in chopping the interesting part of the YouTube video.

Tube Chop

TubeChop is the web application which is helpful in chopping the interesting part of the YouTube video and also helps you make it viral by including the sharing options to the social network websites like Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn and others.

After navigating to this website at the home page you see a YouTube URL box to enter a URL of the YouTube video and hit the search button after entering the URL which is besides the URL box. Then the website searches for the video and brings it to the TubeChop.

Here in TubeChop you need to chop the part of the video which you are interested in with the video’s time slider at the bottom of the video and finally hit the ‘chop it’ button at the end. Later you can insert the chopped video clip into your blog with the embed code or you can share it to the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Tube Chop2

A custom link is generated of the chopped YouTube video which you can inset into your blog or email to the friends.

Here is a link for the chopped video which I have created for a funny YouTube video.

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