Twitter in 2014 – A year’s most popular trends in review!

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) which has captured the world in 140 word has transformed from a social networking site to a real time information network. Twitter users are addicted to the world of putting everything in small packages. Twitter boasts of most of who’s & who’s of the entertainment, political, spiritual and sports world addicted to their platform. Barack Obama, Narendera Modi, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Paulo Coelho are some of the popular names with millions of followers. Twitter has become an important phenomena with more than 500 million messages or images shared everyday on its platform.

So how has the year 2014 flashed in the twitter world. Twitter has launched a website to capture the moments which made up year 2014.

Twitter has beautifully divided this site in “Moments” and “Perspectives”.

  • Moments refer to the top #moments of year 2014 sorted through the months. Clicking on each of these moments take you to the top of tweets as sorted by @twittermedia the official handle from twitter team tracking top news through various collections. Moments are also sorted by Entertainment, News & Politics & Sport.
  • Perspectives are the top 5 moments of one of the 18 celebrities selected by twitter. Each of these celebrities also recommended 5 twitter handles to follow #Fivetofollow.

Twitter’s Yearly round up 2014

Here is a list of top events and stars in 2014 in Twitterland:

  • Most popular celebrity is Katy Perry (@katyperry) with more than 62 million followers. On an average 45,608 followers are added to the Katy’s list, though she follows only selected 160 followersselfie
  • The Most popular tweet and picture on Twitter goes to a Group Selfie from #Oscar night. The selfie was uploaded by Talk Show host Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow). It featured Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Meryl Steep and Bradley Cooper to name a few. The post was re-tweeted more than 3.3 million times and favourited by more than 2.2 million times. This Selfie has been rated by TIME for the top photo of the year.
  • The Football #WorkdCup in Brazil was the biggest event on Twitter till date. More than 672 million tweets were sent by the users during the World Cup 2014. The most talked event during this game was the semi-final between Brazil and Germany where fans sent more than 35.6 million tweets. Brazil’s Neymar Jr was the most mentionable player of the tournament leaving Argentinian Lionel Messi to #2 spot.WC_followed_team
  • The other big events & moments which people tweeted about were:
    • #Sochi2014 – Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia
    • #MH370 – Twin tragedy of Malaysian airline
    • #BringBackOurGirls – A moment to free girls captured by
    • #IndiaVotes – 2014 Parliament elections in IndiaTwitter-TWTR
    • #RIPRobbinWilliams – World lost actor Robin Williams this year
    • #UmbrellaRevolution – Protest by Hongkok against governmental electoral reform
    • #MalalaYousafafzai – Malala won Nobel Peace prize
    • #IndyRef – Scottish voted against the referendum to join UK

Other #funfacts onTwitter 2014

  1. Twitter can safely declare Year 2014 as year of Selfie. The word selfie was mentioned more than 92 million times on twitter.
  2. Twitter has created very interactive visuals on the tweet data they have collected. You can find stunning visuals on various topics like World Cup, US elections, Sleep Patterns, Steve Jobs, etc on
  3. ISRO’s @MarsOrbiter did a Howdy to NASA’s @MarsCurosity when the former reach near MarsMars
  4. Reality superstar Kim Kardashian tried to #BreakTheInternet by posing nude. The same day NASA scientist landed a spacecraft over a comet. The #CometLanding generated more tweets than Kim K’s futile efforts.

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