How to update iPhone/iPad/iPod to the latest iOS version

Every month or you can say frequently iOS gets updated to the new firmware which includes some new features, bug fixes or lags found in previous versions. Keeping your device updated is must to get access to awesome features and so here’s a small and handy guide to all those newbies searching for how to update to the latest iOS version for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Basically there are three ways to update they are,

  1. Via iTunes using Apple Update Center.
  2. Via iTunes using ipsw.
  3. OTA updates. (yet to release)

1. via iTunes using Apple Update Center

It’s easy and pretty simple all you need is internet connection on your computer, iTunes and device connected to iTunes using dock cable.

Step One: Connect your device to iTunes.

Step Two: Open your device tab and you’ll see the summary section.

Step Three: Over here, click on update button and you’ll be connected to Apple’s update center.

apple update center

Step Four: Just accept (Agree) the license agreement and it will start downloading the software update.

Apple will download and install the firmware by itself, do not disconnect from internet or disconnect the device from the PC.

2. via iTunes using ipsw

This is a killer method, I personally use this one to update my iPod. It’s easy and far more safe from internet disconnection accidents.

Note: This method does update your device but along with that does erase all the data since we do not update, we restore.

Step One: First of all you’ll need to download the ipsw’s of the firmware. I’ll prefer to download from here and save it on your desktop.

Step Two: Connect your device to iTunes

Step Three: Open your device tab and you’ll see the summary section

Step Four: Over here, press “SHIFT” key and click on “RESTORE” button without leaving the “SHIFT” key and you’ll be asked for browsing the ipsw file, choose the downloaded ipsw file from your desktop.

Step Five: Now iTunes will start updating your device, no internet connection is needed here to download the update file. Only you will be asked for internet to verify the ipsw. That’s it!

Congratulations, You have updated your device to latest version of iOS.

3. Over The Air (OTA) updates (yet to release)

This is a brand new feature from Apple brought in iOS 5, since iOS 5 is about to release no information regarding OTA Updates is available. In general, it means that your phone can update wirelessly without any PC over high speed connections like WiMax and 3G.

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