How To Update WordPress Plugins via CPanel

How To Update WordPress Plugins Using CPanel

If you are running your blog on WordPress blogging platform, then you should keep on updating your WordPress Software and even plugins regularly. I know, it is easy for some bloggers to update these and for some bloggers, this might be a headache. Here I am going to show you a neat and simple process of updating your plugins from your CPanel, which I used to do during the regular plugins update process.

This tutorial is for those, who has problem while updating their plugin through WP Dashboard. WP Dashboard method is quite easy but, sometimes, it takes more time to update after clicking update. In my case, it takes long time than updating through CPanel. So, if your WP Dashboard automatic update is working fine and faster then go with it. If you are also facing the same problem as I am facing, then here is the step by step solution for updating your WordPress plugins through CPanel.

When your WordPress plugin need an update from your side, the platform notifies you. You can go to your dashboard and check for the update information such as installed version, latest version available and compatibility with WordPress versions as seen in the above image.

You just need to click to view version details link in the plugin page of your dashboard and go to WordPress plugin download page.

Now, click on download latest version to your hard drive.

Login to your CPanel (I saved my password and it is easy to login just by clicking on the bookmark!). Click on the File Manager icon to open your web files storage folder.

Move to your WordPress Plugins folder (/public_html/wp-content/plugins) as shown in the above image. Now click on upload icon on the top of cPanel window.

Browse your computer for your downloaded plugin and upload it to the same folder. It is better to save your existing plugin files by compressing it in the same folder for rolling back if something goes wrong. You can do it by right clicking on the folder and select compress file.

Now REFRESH the CPanel plugins page and right click on the .zip file you uploaded and simply select extract files. (In my case, it wasn’t asking me to overwrite existing files). Voila! Your plugin is updated successfully.

WordPress Software updating through CPanel is also similar to plugin updates. But, there you will find some extra steps, which I will be posting soon. So, keep yourself updated by subscribing to our email newsletter. And suggestions and tips are always welcome in way of comments!

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