10 Useful Web Applications that improve your YouTube experience


YouTube is the collection of the large videos where users can upload and watch the videos, there is a fact that 48 hours of the videos were being uploaded to the YouTube each minute from the Globe. In YouTube you can upload the videos but does the YouTube gives you the option to upload the video to your Dropbox account which you desire to store for later view.

If you want to view all the HD videos for the keyword in the YouTube search box then it retrieves all the videos which are HD and non HD videos, then its your turn to find the HD videos in the results.

There are YouTube web applications which perform some specialized tasks which YouTube can not perform. Here in The Geeks Club blog we have tested many YouTube web applications and here we are sorting 10 best applications which perform some specialized tasks for the YouTube website.

1. Dagadop

In YouTube while watching a video it is not possible to search the videos for the keyword in the same page without interrupting the paly of the current video. Dagadop is the web application application built for the YouTube search for the videos without interrupting the play of the current video. The search results are displayed on the right side bar of the website.

2. Watch2gether


Watch2gether is the another interesting web application which helps you to watch the YouTube videos and chat about them with your friends online. In this website you need to create a session by giving name to the session then a custom URL is generated to share it with your friends. Later invite your friends to join the session through the URL.

3. Show me non Stop


Show me non stop web application plays all the videos in serial fashion from the YouTube for a keyword non-stop. This application is useful to see entertainment videos or sports videos and other interesting videos in a row non-stop which gives you the experience like you are watching a TV show.

4. Video Dropper


Video Dropper is other application which uploads the interesting video to your Dropbox account. This is actually a Dropbox application after sig-in to the Dropbox from this application the application is added to your Dropbox account. Later you can upload the YouTube video to your Dropbox from the YouTube video’s page through a bookmark of this application.

5. SnipSnip.it

snip snip it

If you want to embed only an interesting part of the YouTube video on your blog then it could be not possible without the applications like Snip Snip it. This web application for the YouTube which snips the interesting part of the video also you can share the video with your friends through the customized URL which is generated for the snipped video.

6. Xenra


There could be quite a large number of the web applications which downloads the YouTube videos or convert YouTube videos to mp3 and more but Xenra application can download the YouTube videos which are compatible for watching in your mobile phones. They convert to 3gp format before download and later downloads the video compatible for your mobile phone.

7. Maps Tube

Maps Tube

This web application can play the YouTube videos on the Google maps  based on the Geo-tags which were given by the up-loader while uploading the videos to the YouTube. If you try Nokia Lumia India search query then all the videos about the Nokia Lumia were shown on the map based on the Geo-tags.

8. Youtify

If you are the avid music lover and search for the albums for a popular singer on the YouTube then you should know about this web application. This web application aggregates all the music videos from the YouTube for the search query and plays them on the Youtify website itself. You can also create playlist with this website after creating the account for this application.

9. Tube Loop


Many users after watching the video on the Facebook they desire to share them on their Facebook Timeline. Tube Loop website creates a share YouTube video playlist for the YouTube videos and also lets you discover the YouTube videos posted on the Facebook. You need to log-in to TubeLoop using your Facebook account.

10. Vid Caster


Vid Caster website lets you create a YouTube website for your YouTube video channel and for the videos that you have uploaded to the YouTube. There are different plans available in this website for creating the video website and there is also a free plan to create a video website for your YouTube videos.

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