What are the advantages of using an app to bet online?

Millions of people worldwide bet on sports and play casino games on a daily basis. There are still many punters who like to use their computers because it’s always better to play on a bigger screen. However, the vast majority of bettors actually prefer to utilize their handheld devices because it’s way more convenient.

If you are one of those people or you’re just getting started, you will probably look for an operator that has a mobile app. Sadly, you’ll see that there aren’t a lot of gambling companies that have an app. Most of them only provide a mobile website, which is usually a mirror version of their desktop one.

Having said that, here are some of the advantages of using a mobile app compared to mobile website versions. After you read about them, you can decide whether it’s worth getting an app or not.

Some of the games and features are better optimized

One of the main problems you might encounter once you start betting on your smartphone and tablet is that some of the games and features won’t be optimized. Even though this is pretty rare nowadays, there are still gambling operators who are struggling with this issue, especially on their mobile website versions.

Luckily, almost every mobile betting app you’ll find out there will be optimized properly. Hence, every casino game and betting feature that you’ll come across should work just fine.

You could take advantage of exclusive bonuses

Apart from the optimization, one of the reasons why many punters like to use a mobile app is because it usually allows them to have access to a unique bonus. Most betting apps you will find on Betenemy have some sort of a surprise, which usually comes in the form of free spins or free bets (if you like to punt on sports).

That said, it’s important to read more info about the given app before you download it on your device. Every bookie/casino will usually advertise the fact that there is a special reward for those who download and install the app.

There are special mobile features

In addition to the fact that the app allows you to take advantage of the desktop features, some of them even have their own exclusive options that you can’t find on a different platform.

In most cases, the apps that have those types of benefits are for sports betting. However, some online casinos might also have exclusive features, so make sure you carefully read the T&C of each betting operator.

Final Thoughts

One of the primary reasons why some people prefer not to use a mobile app is because they have to download and install them on their devices. Sadly, only a handful of betting operators actually uploaded their apps on Google Play and the App Store. The vast majority of them have an apk file, which players need to download and install.

This process is not that difficult if you’ve done it before, but those who’ve never gone through it will find it to be pretty hard.

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