What COVID Restrictions or Rules are Different States Following?

Since the pandemic outbreak, the American government and health authorities have issued recommendations and rules to guide companies, public services, and schools. They have eliminated or limited the need to wear masks or follow a vaccine mandate. Earlier, almost all the states strictly followed masking, closure, and capacity-related directives. These continued to be in effect throughout the delta and omicron infection. However, vaccines and the fading of the strong impact of the earlier variants caused most restrictions to ease even in the face of the rising BA.2 subvariant cases in some places in the past. Today, some American states still advise healthcare and government staff to take vaccines and routine tests, while others have resisted the restrictions.

If you analyze the situation at a national level, the government has directed the healthcare workers and government executives to take shots. These orders apply to Medicare and Medicaid facilities. Also, the federal government had asked people to wear masks in airports, train and bus stations, etc. But that mandate didn’t get approval from the federal judge. More precisely, no universal masking orders apply anymore. However, some high-risk environments, including shelter homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, must follow the mask rules. Private companies may also ask for vaccine IDs and masking before allowing entry into their premises. Because there is so much cooking up already, you may not have been able to keep yourself updated with which state requires what in the matters of mask, testing, and vaccine. So, let’s get some idea.


Arizonans don’t have to go for immunization if they desire. The state has removed vaccine restrictions for government-based healthcare facilities. Schools also don’t need to stick to vaccine mandates as per legislation. Gov. Doug Ducey has also banned mask mandates for young kids or minors. Anyone less than 18 doesn’t have to wear a mask. Local governments and schools cannot pressure them if parents are against wearing a mask.

If you look at a poll by MyBioSource, it reveals that nearly 33% of Arizonans favor official measures for the pandemic, while 26% are against them.


In April 2022, it did away with the requirement to produce a negative test report or COVID vaccine ID to enter an indoor event with a capacity of 1k people. However, government employees and healthcare staff must present proof of the vaccination and weekly testing reports. Those who serve jails, long-term care units, and other high-risk crowded spaces need to get boosters. Schools also require vaccination and testing. In May, Oakland’s – the largest Californian city – barred public facilities like bars, gyms, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and large indoor venues from asking for vaccination proofs. However, some places like senior centers and assisted living facilities, and others still require people to show their vaccination IDs.

People aged two and above must wear masks in long-term care and healthcare settings. It also covers jails, prisons, shelter homes, emergency rooms, etc. State’s most crowded city Los Angeles has mandates masks in places like public transport systems, bus and train stations, and airports. However, the San Francisco Bay Area BART rail system removed the mask rule for commuters on July 18. On the other hand, San Jose city has extended its temporary masking order for workers till August 5.


In 2021, Gov. Ron DeSantis stopped businesses from asking people to submit their vaccine ID proofs to enter their premises. Schools and local governments also cannot impose masking orders. The state lets the parents decide whether their kids should wear masks.

New Mexico

Those working in high-risk environments, such as care facilities and hospitals, must get vaccinated. If someone has religious or medical reasons, they must take weekly COVID tests. Even school staff has to submit weekly negative test reports if they have not completed their vaccines. As for mask orders, people must wear one in long-term care units, hospitals, and other areas.


A reputable American physicians’ society data shows that about 2.1 million Texans suffer from long COVID. Anyway, Gov. Greg Abbott has asked government agencies not to go hard on anyone about vaccination, vaccine passport, etc., when hiring them. However, private companies may ask customers and the workforce for immunization. But they must recognize their religious beliefs, pre-existing conditions, and others. Masks are also not in force in schools.


Teachers, healthcare staff, contractors, and government employees have to get vaccinated. However, people with disability or someone bound by their religion are exempt. In March 2022, the state lifted the mask mandate for indoor settings. But correctional and congregate facilities have to follow masking orders.

A quick look at these examples suggests that old COVID-related rules are not so strongly in use. In the coming times, things can improve further. But the appearance of the BA.5 variant hints at the need to be careful while returning to a normal routine.


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