What Does a Marketing Executive Do?

A Marketing executive is an important marketing professional in the business world. Marketing is an integral part of any business activity and a company that does not have marketing activities is surely heading towards bankruptcy. Marketing as a profession is in constant flux and trends are changing quickly. A marketing executive can be one who is involved in all the activities associated with marketing, be it traditional or digital marketing. In today’s highly competitive market, marketing executives play a vital role. They make sure that all the marketing strategies of the company are geared towards achieving the company’s goals.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Marketing Executive

Marketing management is an organizational discipline that concentrates on the management of the organization’s marketing resources and functions and overcomes the deficiencies of a company in the sphere of marketing. Marketing executives are also known as marketing analysts, marketing managers, or marketing professionals. Their primary responsibility is to coordinate and plan for the proper implementation of marketing plans, evaluate marketing strategies, oversee marketing campaigns and determine the most suitable marketing techniques that would be helpful in achieving the company’s goals. For example, they may take an existing marketing campaign on podcasting websites and help it go viral by using Jaynike to buy SoundCloud plays. They are also accountable to provide timely and relevant feedback and recommendations to their clients and team members.

In addition, marketing executives are required to possess other essential skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, strategic management skills, information systems skills, internet and e-commerce skills, strategic planning skills, data analysis skills and the ability to work as a team player. In addition, they should possess other special skills such as analytical, communication and decision-making abilities, sales and service skills, project management skills, risk management skills, teamwork skills, information and technology skills, and marketing research skills. These professionals can choose to be self-employed or work for marketing executives and social media marketing agencies.

Details Of The Job

The job of a marketing executive may entail working in advertising, consumer marketing, digital marketing, product development, direct marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, and search engine optimization. Some executives may also work in finance, business development, law firms, consultancies, and agencies. In addition, these individuals may work in government, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Marketing executives can also choose to work in the private sector or a BPO firm.

Another job role is writing skills. There are many uses for writing skills, including copywriting, content writing, blog writing, and press release writing. Writing skills help in promoting and selling products. For instance, if a company wants to promote their product using an SEO strategy, a writer can help them understand what SEO is, how it works, and how to write effective SEO content.

Educational Requirements And Other Essential Skills

Marketing executives with related degrees such as bachelor’s degrees are responsible for implementing strategies by communicating with customers, developing marketing campaigns, educating consumers, creating advertising and marketing materials, managing finances, testing market campaigns, communicating with suppliers, and handling complaints. These individuals must be able to communicate effectively both orally and visually. Moreover, they should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. As marketing executives, they also should possess computer and internet skills. Generally, bachelor’s degrees and higher are required to achieve positions of higher responsibilities in the industry.

The responsibilities of a marketing executive vary depending on their level of responsibility. As mentioned above, some of their duties include: setting strategies, developing marketing strategies, advertising and marketing materials, managing finances, testing market strategies, communicating with suppliers, and handling complaints. However, their level of responsibility also depends on their specific career goals.


Today, there are many options for marketing executives. They can be found in companies that sell advertising, electronics, software, and consumer products. Many marketers work for agencies or freelance. Many others work at smaller companies and work with product line marketers.