What Is a Franking Machine and Why Should You Get One?

Franking machines are a pre-paid postage option that allows you to print a franking mark directly on outgoing mail. They replace the traditional postage stamps, streamlining the postage process. They are time efficient as they can process large volumes of mail quickly and accurately. You may send letters and parcels without any restrictions on the minimum or maximum postage volumes. 

Speed, efficiency, and productivity are the central components of any successful business. Businesses have to always be at a wavelength with new technologies and innovations and optimize their operations. Part of this strategy to improve business processes certainly involves mailroom operations, and a franking machine may be a vital component of this improvement. 

This quick guide will explain how franking machines work, the key reasons to get a franking machine, and how it can help you or your business. 

How Do Franking Machines Work?

You may have wondered how a franking machine works and whether the whole process is confusing and complicated. However, that is not the case. Most modern franking machines have user-friendly features and are simple to operate. While the procedure may be slightly different depending upon the machine, the general principles are the same.

To begin with, put the letter or parcel on the machine’s inbuilt weighing scales. You will get the exact weight which will eliminate the risk of overpaying on postage. After, select the size and service of the mail you want and then add your message that should appear on the mail. The machine will automatically calculate the correct postage costs, after which you will insert an envelope or label into the machine’s printer slot that will get franked with the postage, date, logo or message, and a unique barcode. Finally, your mail is ready to be popped into a post box at a local post office or Business Posting Box. It is just as simple as that!

Why Should You Get a Franking Machine? 


Owning a  franking machine is like having a dedicated mailroom at your home or office. You will not have to wait in lines at your local post office to buy stamps and send out mail. Trips to the post office are time-consuming but also inconvenient. Franking machines are the solution to what a lot of people consider a hassle. The machine can be topped up 24 hours a day and seven days a week within minutes, and you will never run out of postage stamps even when the post office is not open.

They accurately weigh the postage, and you can pay in advance, which makes processing outgoing mail less of a tedious task. You can quickly pass batches of the letter through a franking machine without having to stamp them one by one. That streamlines the entire mailing process, making cheap franking machines an excellent tool for businesses to benefit from due to their efficiency and accuracy.

Save Money

Installing a franking machine is a cost-effective solution for all your mailing needs. Royal Mail offers significant postage discounts to users that frank their mail, thus allowing you to save money on postage, and that makes franked mail cheaper than regular postage, whether you send a small letter or a large parcel. Besides, you will never overpay for postage than what is needed as franking machines accurately calculate postage based on the exact weight. 

Give a Professional Image

You can make a statement about your company with franked mail. You can customize it for your business by displaying the company name and logo, making it appear more professional. You can also include promotions or seasonal messages. Got a new product or service that you need to market to customers? There is no better way to get it out there than printing it on every single post that leaves the building. 

Faster Delivery

Franked mail gets more priority as compared to standard letters or parcels, expediting the dispatching process. As most of the processing has already been done when it arrives at the post office, it requires fewer steps in the handling process, which means quick delivery times and lesser disgruntled customers with your business.

Franking machines have been undermined for a long time as many people do not know about the technology. As demonstrated, franking machines offer various benefits to users. If you have had enough of wasting time and money on sending mail, then do consider getting yourself a franking machine.