What makes a good Gaming Mouse?

As with other gaming tools, a good gaming mouse is determined by a variety of qualities. Just because a mouse allows you to move the cursor around the screen does not mean that it’s a good gaming mouse.

Computer gaming is not just about clicking and moving the cursor; that’s why gamers need to have a gaming mouse to ensure that they utilize all their skills while playing.

Having said that, you realize a quality gaming mouse can make a huge difference to your overall gaming experience. Are you wondering what makes a mouse perfect for gaming? Read on to find out.

Here are 5 essential elements that make a good gaming mouse:

  1. Accuracy

When it comes to gaming, accuracy is key; gamers should have a trusty mouse in terms of precision.

Resolution is the most important aspect in determining the accuracy of a gaming mouse. It refers to the number of dots per inch. Resolution is conveyed as DPI, that is, dots per inch. Ordinary desktop mice have a resolution of solely 800 dots per inch. However, most gaming mice are designed with a resolution of 1600 DPI.

The higher the resolution, the more precise the gaming mouse is in responding. Thus, a good gaming mouse should have high DPI.

  1. Sensitivity

In recent days, most gaming mice come with great sensors. The sensitivity of a gaming mouse is an important element that matters a lot to most gamers.

A good gaming mouse should have a sensitivity level that is suitable for the size of your screen. For instance, for those with large screens, they might require high sensitivity to ensure that the cursor moves faster.

With high sensitivity, you do not have to move their arms while playing. You just have to use your fingers while moving the mouse.

However, those who like moving their hands around while playing may find low sensitive gaming mice as more convenient than those with high sensitivity. Therefore, the type of sensitivity that is suitable for you depends on your preference and playing style.

  1. Shape

Different gamers have varied sizes of hands. They may also have different ways of holding the mouse. A good gaming mouse ensures that their shape and size is suitable for different players.

Talking of shape, the razer gaming mouse is the best as they come in ergonomic designs. Ergonomic shapes provide comfort to your hand while playing.

If you are much concerned about comfort, perhaps, Razer DeathAdder is all you need.

Most gamers usually love gaming mice with ergonomics as they have a good grip. Also, these designs are suitable for both beginners and experienced gamers.

  1. Adjustable Weights

Expert gamers claim that a good gaming mouse should be light and simple. A light mouse will enable you to play at high speeds without fatigue on your fingers or wrist.

Meanwhile, most players prefer a particular weight for their gaming mouse. This is important in ensuring that the mouse does not limit the gaming skills of the player.

Therefore, a good gaming mouse should have adjustable weights to allow players to adjust to their liking. This, in turn, increases comfort while playing.

  1. Additional Buttons

A good gaming mouse should have well-positioned buttons for better gaming. Unlike regular mice that have right and left click only, modern gaming mice are designed with extra buttons.

These buttons are essential to PC gamers especially those doing competitive gaming. They help the gamer to program shortcut instructions for quick weapon selection.

Moreover, these buttons are durable and more sensitive thus saving time. This is very useful for real-time strategy games.

If you are looking forward to buying a gaming mouse, ensure that you choose the one that suits your needs. Remember that different gaming mice may have different elements and some may be better than others.