What You Should Know About Shopify Plus

If you have been following digital trends and eCommerce platforms, you know what Shopify plus is. It is the platform for the fastest-growing eCommerce brands around the world. The platform provides the much-needed features for high-volume brands. Not many people understand much about this platform. People hardly know about its features and pricing, and those who do always misinterpret some aspects concerning it. This article will discuss the Shopify Plus features, pricing, and if your business is ready for the Shopify Plus experience. Continue reading to find out more.

What is Shopify Plus?

In a simple definition, Shopify plus is an eCommerce platform that caters to enterprise-level brands who transact in high volumes. Shopify created the platform to cater to the emerging enterprise eCommerce market. This blog, https://www.vincit.com/blog/what-is-shopify-plus, provides an in-depth description of this platform. The platform offers all necessities as other eCommerce platforms, but with added benefits to the enterprise-level brands. 

The brands enjoy more customization and control, better automation capabilities, and enjoy multichannel and omnichannel functions. The platform also offers faster speeds, handles enormous online traffic, and can drive more sales.

If you are a brand or a retailer looking for a robust, flexible, and ever-growing eCommerce platform to market your products, Shopify Plus will take care of your needs. You will have a turbo-charge growth and various ways to capitalize on your marketing efforts.

Key Shopify Plus Features

Shopify Plus got created to handle the needs of retailers and brands that they couldn’t get on other platforms. It has many sophisticated features, which makes it stand out from others. These features include the below.

  • It Handles Serious Traffic

If you are an eCommerce retailer, you will want a fully functional website that offers the best for your business. That’s what Shopify Plus does. It provides a platform that never crashes, has no downtown, and has no inconveniences to your clients. The sales, both peak and off-peak, are handled effectively by this platform. It withstands massive traffics to get retailers the best sales possible. It has made companies handle huge crash orders even when running promotional campaigns.

  • It got built with expansion in mind

If there is something you will love seeing with your business or brand, it’s the way it expands in the global market. Global eCommerce is now the in thing required by retailers, and it’s precisely what Shopify Plus is offering. With Shopify Plus, you can operate in over 11 storefronts, providing your goods in different languages, payment options, and other currencies. Regardless of where your clients are, they will interact and buy your products in the languages and currencies they are comfortable with.

  • Full Store Customization

Most of the available eCommerce platforms will not give you the freedom of customizing the design or theme you will want to sell your products with. Shopify goes against the odds and lets you customize your selling channel with scripts and editable CSS files. You can even customize the checkout process with details of your brand or retail store.

The website also offers a safe checkout procedure, fast shipping, and easy returns for purchasing clients. There are also reviews from satisfied clients, contact information, and support details on the checkout page.

  • Automated Workflows and Campaigns

Does your current eCommerce platform offer you automated capabilities? We guess not. Shopify Plus enables users to create a range of computerized capabilities that will relieve them of recreating campaigns and workflows. You don’t have to carry out some tasks on the platform manually. Shopify Flow enables you to add client tags and other functions on auto-pilot. You can also schedule your product launches and flash sales depending on the date and time you’ll want them to go live.

  • Offers advanced multichannel capabilities

Brands moving to Shopify Plus not only want to have the best eCommerce platform but the extra benefits this platform offers. It lets you set up multichannel selling capabilities even on social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All the platforms get connected to your account seamlessly. You will also send promotional messages and other information directly to clients’ Instagram accounts or Facebook Messengers.

  • Dedicated Wholesale Online Store

Unlike other platforms which only deal with retail business, Shopify Plus enables brands to dedicate one of the storefronts to carry out the wholesale business. Resellers will log in and make bulky purchases anytime they need them. This idea enables brands to make more sales and earn revenues through the wholesale business. As an entrepreneur or brand, you can control volume discounts per purchase made, tiered pricing, and have special prices for B2B clients. You can also contain the minimum and the maximum orders clients can make.

Shopify Plus is a robust platform that will enable retailers and brands to grow their businesses exponentially. Not everyone is suited to make transactions on Shopify Plus. There are monthly costs involved, which you need to beware of to avoid bringing your business down.

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