Who benefits from the slots Random Number Generator?

The RNG is a piece of coding that helps slots to function, without it they wouldn’t be able to work properly. Despite its importance, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the RNG of online slots that you can play today.

Some players argue that the casino benefits from the RNG whilst some casinos believe it is the player who is favoured. Arguably, both player and casino are in fact the ones who manage to benefit from the RNG 

What is the RNG

Perhaps the most important piece in the modern slot, the RNG is also known as the random number generator. It is a small piece of coding that can be found in every slot, both online and physical. This piece of coding ensures that the slot spins its reels at complete random. The RNG works out complex mathematical equations to get the most random outcome for the player. It has no memory of its previous result, this means that players won’t be able to predict what it will come up with next as it has no discernible pattern. 

What is the role of the RNG 

The RNG performs many important duties, some of which the player may not even realise. It has become widely used, it is difficult to picture a time where a slot machine didn’t operate with a random number generator. 

  1. Doesn’t have any of the limitations that previous software used in mechanical slots had. The RNG is independent of the slot and is not subject to the same constraints.
  2. The RNG is designed to ensure that the reels always come up with a completely random outcome. Through complex mathematical equations, the coding manages to produce the result in a matter of seconds.
  3. The RNG is not affected by any outside forces, it doesn’t matter how much the player bets or what the result of the previous spin was. As the RNG doesn’t have any memory, it is not able to recall any previous results. This means that there is no pattern that players would be able to predict. 

Who Benefits? Player or Casino 

Even though the RNG is supposed to be completely random, there are still many people who claim that there are multiple ways to ‘beat’ the RNG. A big debate is about who benefits from the RNG, the players or the casinos. 

  •     The RNG cannot be manipulated by either the player or the casino.
  •     The RNG has no memory, meaning that it does not have any patterns which can be predicted by players.
  •     As it ensures the reels spin randomly, the RNG makes certain that the slot is not rigged by the casino. 


The RNG is meant to benefit both the player and the casino. Though it may seem to be unfair at times, the truth is that the RNG is completely random. As it cannot be rigged by anybody and ensures complete randomness in the slots, it is a tremendous benefit to both players and casinos.

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