Win a MacBook by telling about your stuff you would never get rid of

Spring is one of the most cherished times of the year when nature wakes up after a long sleepy winter, and every day brings us sun lights, flowers’ blossom, and a healthy dose of energy.

Spring is also a time when people want to make some changes in their everyday lives, so many of them start to clean their apartments and houses to get rid of old unnecessary things.

However, every person has one specific object – or a lot of specific things – that you can’t just throw into a trash bin – the object with a story that brings back some heartful memories and a smile of joy on the face of its owner.

For me, it is a chessboard with old and cracked chess figures.

When I was a little boy, my grandfather gave me this board and taught me how to play chess. I remember how he explained all the combinations he had known and asked me some chess riddles.

It was a simple but very wholesome time.

I wasn’t a good chess player. Frankly speaking, even now, I’m not a good chess player, but I like to take this board from time to time from a box in my wardrobe, to set the figures, and to remember the time I had spent with my grandfather.

Now my grandfather is gone, but I still have his chessboard.

It has already become some kind of a family relic that I will pass to my grandchildren.

Or, maybe, I can leave them something else? Like, for example, MacBook Air 13 that I can win by sharing my story with others.

By the way, you also have a chance to win this laptop!

 Frank Casino launched a giveaway with a new MacBook Air 13 as the main prize

All you need is an old thing with some story and a good wifi connection.

Online casino Frank launched a giveaway #FrankSpringRenewal at the beginning of this month and invited everyone to participate in it.

What do you need to do?

  1. Find the page of Frank Casino (@frankcasino_com) on Instagram and subscribe.
  2. Find the post with the giveaway (just look for #FrankSpringRenewal), and give it your like.
  3. Share in the comments section your stuff that you just can’t get rid of and your story about it.
  4. Wait for the results.

By the way, you’d better be careful with your comments because representatives of Frank Casino will choose only the first comment that you post – all other comments will be deleted.

The winner will be determined randomly on April 30.

Take your chance and participate in this occasion!

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Make this spring unforgettable

Every single thing in your room or house has a deep story. It’s time to share this story with other people!

At least, this giveaway is a good reason to remind your family and friends that you really love your stuff, no matter how old and in what condition it is.

Of course, let’s not forget about the chance of winning the MacBook Air 13 – this is also a perfect stimulus.

By the way, your win can be another good story if Frank Casino will conduct a similar giveaway in a few months.

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