Yahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Today in this information sensitive world, security has become the most significant issue. Everyone wants to keep account details and, in turn, the content of that account safe. In this guide, we will share how you can securely Sign to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Follow these tips for the Yahoo Login Mail account.

  • Create a secure and robust password.
  • Enable security features:
    • Enable Two-step verification or Second Sign-In Verification
    • Generate App password
  • Activate Yahoo Account key
  • Make sure the url is using HTTPS or SSL.

One’s email account may contain lots of sensitive data, essential emails, bank details, and many other things which if, the owner of the email account may get bankrupted and may have havoc in his/her life. Take these precautions to make sure nobody else gets access to your Yahoo account/ prevent any hacker from getting hold of your personal information; every user must take a few cautious steps.

Create a secure and robust password

A strong password which uses a combination of letters, unique character, and numerical is best. However, it is also very tough to remember a password. You should create a secure password, either using a suggestion from the password manager or create one of your own.

Enable Yahoo Mail security features

Yahoo mail account offers ib-built security features, which makes sure you verify yourself every time.

Click on the Profile icon on the top right > Account Settings > Account Security. Next, follow the feature list below to enable them.

Enable two-step verification

Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Two-Step Verification for Email or any service is what OTP from banks to verify a transaction. Two-Step verification also makes sure that it is you who is trying to sign-in to the Yahoo Mail account.

Enable Two-Step verification by adding a mobile number and verifying it through a one-time password.

Generate app password

If you want to use Yahoo mail in a mail client or third-party service, it is possible not to share the actual password. Under Account Security, you have the option to generate an app-specific password. You can use the same Yahoo id, but the password will be app-specific. Even if you change the password of your Yahoo account, it will not block access to the app.

Note: Yahoo used to offer an unusual feature–Yahoo Sign-in Seal. It allowed log-in only when the seal is shown above the sign-in box. The seal helps to ensure authenticity. The function is not available anymore.

Sign in seal Yahoo LoginSign-in Seal

Activate Yahoo Account Key

Under Account Security, the first option is Yahoo Account Key. You can use it to instantly sign-in or verify yourself.

Setup Yahoo Account Key

  • Download Yahoo Mobile App and sign in with the Yahoo account.
  • Next, go to YAK url, and click on Send me a notification.
  • You will receive a notification on your Yahoo Mail app. Tap on yes to confirm.
  • Back to the YAK url, here you can choose always to use Yahoo Account Key.

Yahoo Account Key Setup from Mobile

When you confirm, all you need to do is re-confirm from your phone, and signing in will be more straightforward and secure. However, it will disable two-step verification to enable Account Key. Do note, that if you ever uninstall the app, you will have to reset everything to get back your account.

Make sure you Access your account through proper SSL Encrypted URL

While SSL has become a norm now, this suggestion is as a reminder. All secure connections where a password or a transaction takes place, the URL should have HTTPS at the start.

HTTPS or SSL Certification for Yahoo Mail Sign-in

If you can see “https” word before site address, then consider your connection as secure. If you do not see the same word there, do not attempt to sign-in. The chances are that your browser will also warn you about it.

So every time you are going to put your account credentials, check the URL in the browser’s address bar and make sure that the URL starts with

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