How to add filters and effects to Videos in iPhone using the Clips App

add filters and effects to Videos

Clips is a modern video editing and sharing app for iPhone which arrived with iOS 12. It is equipped with a range of interesting features, particularly the Live Titles tool that lets you create animated captions and titles using your voice. Other features help in transforming your images by adding filters thereby adding extra lit to your photos. In this post, we will learn how to add filters and effects to Videos in iPhone using the Clips app.

Clip App for iPhone iOS 12

We will also see how to share the same with your contacts and social networks. But to do that, you first need to get all the videos and photos into Clips. Here’s how!

Adding Filters and Live Titles to Clips App

1] First, open the Clips app.

2] When you open the app, you’ll notice an elongated red button. It allows recording a video. Just above it, three options are displayed. These include,

  • Camera
  • Library
  • Posters

Since we are more interested in adding effects and filters to a photo, we chose ‘Library’.

3] Next, in the timeline at the bottom of the screen, select the clip you want to edit.

4] Then tap Live Titles. These are animated titles you create with your voice, in a style you choose. Touch and hold the Record button, and speak while you record.

Clips App interface

Speak faster or slower to control the timing of your title. The feature lets you add the sound of your voice along with the Live Title.

Live Animation

6] If you would like to record Live Titles in another language, simply tap the Live Titles button, then tap the Switch Language button (appears as a globe icon).

7] Select the desired language and hit ‘Done’.

8] Finally, tap X and hit the play button to see the animation in action. If you find the clip has other audio, you can choose whether to mute your voice or the clip’s original audio. To mute just your voice, tap Mute Recorded Audio.

9] For sharing your image or video clips with your contacts and social networks, simply select the sharing option as shown in the screenshot below.

Sharing icon

10] Choose a contact with whom you would like to share the clip and send it.

Sharing contacts list

This way we can use the Clips App in iPhone to add subtitles, effects to videos and photos and share them with friends. That said, before doing all this, you first need to get all the videos and photos into Clips. When you import a clip, you can pinch and drag while recording to smoothly zoom and pan across images for that extra touch of drama or comedy.

Clips also work with iCloud i.e. all your clips data will be synced with iCloud. You can view and edit any of your projects on all your devices. It is also available with iPad, so any capture is also available with iPad to add filters, stickers, and titles.

The Clips app from Apple looks very neat. You don’t need any third party apps to insert filters and effects to Videos on iPhone.

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