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Apple iPhones are a feast to the eyes of the current as well the aspiring users. The loyal customers of Apple iPhones wait eagerly to launch the following products under this global brand’s flagship. So, it happened with the launch of the iPhone 8. The users were restless until the phone came into the market, but it disappointed the iPhone enthusiasts’ breathless patience.

The phone falls short of the expectations and higher aspirations of the customers. To meet the iPhone lovers’ high expectations, Apple is constantly upgrading, innovating, advancing, and featuring its product with more technology, AI, cloud computing, machine learning, and more security, privacy, and safety.

Why choose or not opt for iPhone 8 Plus?

Though iPhone other models are working exceptionally well, suiting the users, and becoming handy, why would someone choose Apple iPhone 8 over them? The reason is quite apparent: the design of the latest model (Apple iPhone 8 plus). One thing that is unique about iPhone 8 is the exclusive design features and the outlook. It has edge-cutting features, attractive and aesthetic looks, and a user-friendly operating system. But other than the looks and designs, people also look for the pixel quality, battery durability, and extended features and services it provides.

To have deep knowledge and a comparative version of iPhone 8 with Apple’s other products, let’s look at the pros and cons that this newly introduced product of Apple has.

  1. Premium quality of material used in the design and the excellent finishing touch – iPhone 8 had a very premium material put into use while designing this product to edge over other Apple products. It assures the best and most durable glass used in it, which protects it from scratches, breakdowns, and other tangible impacts possible due to a fall. Moreover, the glass quality is so supreme that it does not even allow water orders to enter into the iPhone’s main body.

On the contrary, the warranty does not include any damage caused due to liquid entry into the iPhone, do not experiment with this feature and get into that because of the phone. On the other hand, design is not as competitive and exclusive as expected; its dimensions, layout, weight, and structure are a bit out of contemporary fashion. But the fit and finish touch to the product is the most excellent attention of the users.

  1. Display – The 5.5-inch IPS True Tone display of the iPhone 8 is very accurate, comprehensive, and satisfactory. However, the show’s advancement is not up to the mark but meets specific criteria, which are essential for a proper display task. Users find it much more convenient and accessible while working on it for using its different software and complex features. Moreover, the glass material used for the display is entirely favorable and resistant to water and dust.
  2. Persisting pixel quality– iPhone 8 does have susceptibility to clear light and color adjustable quality. It proves its worth when it manages to match the ambiance and the camera’s environment based on the occasion and the morning, whether Indoor or outdoor. The editing or extra features and filters are nil in the case of the iPhone 8 Plus. It gives originality and truth without adulterating the uniqueness and the distinct features of the pictures.
  3. Smartest and fastest smartphone globally– Apple products fall in the category of most innovative and most rapid hand devices globally and are prioritized by the people as their first choice. They have never failed in terms of their functions, features, and utilization. The internal functioning is so smooth that iPhone has never disappointed a user in terms of App freezing or crashes have never come to customer service operators’ notice. It is the best part of the iPhone 8, the security of data and privacy along with unhindered, smoothed, and flawless functioning.

Even the device has never shown any sign of slowing down or malfunctioning in between, not when multiple tabs are opened, and the user is working on various apps. Even the OS (Operating System) of the iPhone 8 is very exclusive and can handle tons of loads in terms of its services and the internal functioning it manages.

  1. Speakers- iPhone 8 has one of the best quality speakers; keep the sound crystal clear. Along with magnification, the sound does not crack or break. In fact, at the highest volume, the pitch and loudness remain the same except for sound.
  2. Battery and charging- iPhone 8 has a durable battery with a reasonable life period but needs to be changed frequently. On the contrary, the iPhone does not provide a charger, which is a disadvantage for the users (Especially the beginners or the first-time users) then have to purchase separately on their expenses. Another issue with the iPhone charging is it does not last very long.
  3. Temperature sustainability– iPhone 8 can adjust to the rising temperature and does not bother the handset’s internal functioning. The moment it experiences a kind of heat or rise in climate is adjusted automatically without injuring the functioning of the parallel running apps, hardware, and software.


It is a personal choice to decide which iPhone an individual should purchase. However, before making the final selection, the user should go through all the pros and cons, features, specifications, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the Apple iPhone 8 and should also know that if you don’t have money to buy a brand new one you can always choose to buy refurbished iPhone 8. This rigorous examination of the elements helps the buyer do justice to their money and get worth paying services.

But if looking exclusively for performance-specific devices, Apple iPhone 8 will not be the wisest choice. Though the quality and the features are distinct from iPhone’s other models, they are not matching the standards and the hype it created before its launch. But it can be a budget phone with the best specifications for an iPhone fetish person.

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