Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

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It is a common phenomenon that every year new kinds of inventions and technologies will come to appear in the market. There has been a massive change in the field of technology within these few years. Now the market shares of Android increased and reached 85% with more than 3 million applications available. These applications are also available, good functional, and use accommodated as well. 

It is to our great wonder that just with our one-touch everything of the world has been opened to us. These applications have helped in almost doing anything from the ease of home. It has changed our culture and habits in a different way. 

There can be a certain case, that you might be an entrepreneur looking for mobile app development or maybe a businessman looking to compare Android vs iOS for app development. However, the case may be, when it comes to a mobile application, the Android operating system receives all kinds of attention, and no doubt in that, the attention is pretty well deserved and necessary. 

As technology is slowly evolving and taking various new shapes. There are marvellous new possibilities in the Android world. Hence, let us have a look at most of the Android App Development Trends to look out in 2021. 

The app developers and programmers are most required to learn about these top trends, as they must adopt them in the Android applications, to offer the users a unique and beautiful experience. 

  1. Android Instant Apps – 

Android Instant apps are not usually common. Android Instant apps usually offer the software developers the Android Instant Apps SDK and App Links Assistant that allows them to rebuild and restructure certain mobile solutions from scratch to make a conversion of the existing applications into instant applications. 

There is a wonderful working instance of the instant apps, that permits the users to play various games without installing the application on the device. The most advantageous parts of these applications are respectively; compatibility with all gadgets, requirement of less storage space, mesmerizing user experience, affordable and solid user interface. 

Instant Apps are uncompromisingly one of the biggest trends in the Android mobile app development and this technology will promisingly push the adoption of primary sectors like e-commerce, gaming sector to secure a place in the topmost android app development trends. 

  1. Cloud-Driven Apps – 

Cloud oriented apps are indeed a power-pack in the developer’s world as well as it has already decided a long path in the technological world. Usually, cloud-integrated applications are able to store the data with their integrated mechanism without the usage of the device. It eventually helps in enhancing the functionality and operational efficiency of the mobile device. 

Usually, a cloud-integrated application can be considered as a program that stores various components and elements in a cloud interface online. Inversely the app data is positioned in a cloud storage program and managed as well as maintained upon the user’s device. 

It is for certain that the app will continue to synchronize the data continuously whenever the device is online. The user will be able to encrypt, optimize as well as compress the data according to the synchronization. Some best web app development companies provide this facility to their clients. 

  1. Location-Based Services – 

One of the most widely utilized location-based services which had usage in Android is undoubtedly Google’s Beacon. Beacons are actually transmitters that permit any nearby or accessible Bluetooth device to get connected and transfer the data. 

Beacon technology usually offers the users an ameliorated experience by providing them different context signals which come directly from the Bluetooth. It also facilitates the user in discovering content and enables a better functionality as well as user experience through the native applications and websites. 

  1. Google Assistant/Chatbot – 

It is a well-grounded and well-researched fact that in the future years, a maximum of the business owners would indulge in integrating their app services with Google Assistant. 

The key benefit of this kind of integration is that it offers users an unimaginably fast process to access the app directly. Through the usage of google app actions, the user actually gets access to the deep links of the app. Eventually, they become able to perform various specific activities which remain an integral part of the application of Google Assistant. 

According to the announcement of Google, they are going to release a new feature of Google Assistant at CES which will be known as ‘Scheduled Actions’. Through this feature, the users will be able to communicate with smart devices. They will be also able to switch on and off a device. 

This feature will have the capability of controlling and managing 20 home devices. 

  1. Voice User Interfaces – 

With the progress of time, we have been able to just talk to the devices to set up alarms, play music, add up an item in the to-do list or set up a reminder. We can access our virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. 

At the core, Voice user interfaces actually help us to interact with any device. This similar technology can be utilized within various applications. 

Conclusions – 

There are still many other prominent and reputed Android App Development Trends, but the above-mentioned can be undoubtedly and surely considered as some of the best trends of 2021.