Apex Legends shooting tips: 7 to improve your skills

You must have heard of Apex Legends, haven’t you? Apex Legends, featuring three players’ squads, is an online multiplayer battle royale game that uses ‘Legends.’ There are alternate modes that allow for two-player squads and single players. You can play the game for free to spend real and in-game currency on outfits for the Legends and new colors of weapons.

Apex Legends has various tricks where each weapon acts differently while shooting, which results in different outcomes during the battle. Some weapons require practice, while some are controlled with fewer efforts. You should be aware of the various shooting tactics that facilitate you to play and enhance efficiency.

Shooting skills do not improve all of a sudden, rather, you need to practice. Head over to Battlelog to understand and learn various shooting tricks for Apex Legends and ways to play safe. Following are some Apex Legends shooting tips to improve your skills.

1. Training mode

It would help if you spend some time in the training mode before entering into the real game. Training will help you familiarise yourself with the weapons and practice your aim.  You should set a timer, followed by grabbing a gun and aiming for the head. There will be 6 dummies. Practise moving the dummies back and forth and aim for headshots without missing a single shot. Practice will help you switch between the targets, which are critical for encountering multiple enemy squads and staying alive in the game.

2. Mouse sensitivity

Do you know that Apex Legends allows you to alter your mouse’s sensitivity while you aim down sights? It is okay if you are inclined to copy your favorite streamer’s settings, but let me tell you, it will be helpful if you tailor them according to your playstyle. Training will help you refine your settings with time. It would be best to keep your mouse’s sensitivity as low as possible until you are comfortable with reducing consistency and getting greater control over the movement.

3. Compensate for recoil

Remember, your shooting efficacy will depend on how you compensate for weapon recoiling while you aim for the target. You will have access to all the weapons in training, so you can test the weapons against the sandstone walls that lie behind the targets to understand their recoil pattern. You can reduce the bullet’s size impressions left on the walls to master this skill. You can also stand at a distance far away from the target and try to control your aim. Try to hit the maximum shots that you can.

4. Slide down hills

During the game, you will come across situations where you will have to shoot while sliding down a steep cliff. The training mode will help you learn the trick. Stopping all of a sudden to aim will make you halt, which will benefit the enemy. What you can do is fire without putting an aim down your sight. You can practice sliding down the hill and pick different rows to fire at the targets.

5. Place your crosshair

Another aspect in Apex Legends that you should be aware of is crosshair placement. When you run around the map in the game, you will try to keep your crosshair at the approximate neck or head height. With this, you will be required to readjust your aim lesser while encountering an enemy to land the headshot. You should keep the concept of crosshair placement in mind while running from one location to another.

6. Hot zones

You can enhance your experience in Apex Legends by dropping into hot zones loot areas that are high-tier. If you can find a weapon on time, you will be able to do shooting practice at the beginning itself. However, the approach can end up with you encountering enemies before finding a weapon. You can avoid the problem by establishing communication with your teammates. Keep looking for weapons so that you can find them before your enemies.

7. Training mode is not enough

Though there are various advantages of training, it is not everything as it will not teach you all the tricks. You should always balance training and real game experience. With this, you will learn hitboxes of the game’s characters and practice with attachments like chokes and stocks. Stocks reduce aim drift on some weapons and choke controls the spread of heavy weapons.

Final words

A little practice and attention each day will help you add efficiency to your game. You will have significant experience in playing the game. The above shooting tips will help you improve your skills in Apex Legends. Happy playing!