Are land-based casinos in London now open?

Brick-and-mortar casinos in the UK have spent a lot of time off the grid in 2020, as they were forced to close because of the pandemics. In an attempt to reopen the economy and get people back on track, the government has encouraged many businesses to reopen. Casinos were among the last to return to business, but dark clouds are once again forming at the horizon. There are serious concerns that casinos might be forced to close once again because of the growing number of coronavirus cases. For the time being, London casinos are open and they are happy to welcome gamblers under strict prevention rules.

Grosvenor and Genting are open for business

Grosvenor is one of the best-known brands in the UK and also has a Japanese sister casino called オンラインカジノ 人気 — and it has more than 50 casinos spread nationwide. In England, it chose to reopen most of its ventures and it also provides Londoners with some great venues to put their luck to the test. The casinos have a capacity cap and are fitted with screens on gaming tables and slot machines, as well as sanitizer stations. People are encouraged to use contactless payments, so they stay safe while enjoying their favorite casino games.

Similar measures were put in place by Genting, a brand which also has plenty of casinos in the UK. The reopening process was thorough and took a while, but now players from the nation’s capital can enjoy the thrills of gambling again. Some changes were made at several card game tables, where players can no longer touch their cards, which has altered the gameplay. This is not necessarily detrimental to the player, as participants can get a better idea about what the dealer is holding when they see all the cards.

Lockdown restrictions could be reintroduced

Since early August players were allowed to gamble at London casinos and the number of venues that chose to reopen has only increased. Tougher fines for people who chose not to wear a mask and the measures taken by casinos to keep patrons safe were initially good enough to keep the business is open. As the number of infected people increases once again, there are many who fear the prospect of casinos closing down once again later this year.

Industry representatives, as well as the staff of London casinos, are concerned about the prospect of another lockdown. Thousands of people are employed in this line of work and unless the casinos are open, they won’t make an income. Some of the smaller casinos are themselves at risk of going bankrupt, as they can barely stay afloat without customers spending lavishly at the tables. Casinos also depend on the tourism, the hospitality and leisure sectors, which are also reeling from the coronavirus crisis.

2020 has been so far a brutal year for the UK casinos and there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the future will bring. Londoners should enjoy the thrills of the game while they still can.

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