COVID-19 and its impact on the Logistics Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting the planet. We have long way to go before we can finally say ‘we beat it’, if in fact, we ever do. These past some months were difficult, and it’s safe to say, the way we operate will never be the same again. Logistics is one global sector that has been severely impacted.

In this article, we will endeavor to explore how the supply chain is transforming during this ongoing pandemic.

Inventory Levels

All companies that had lower inventory levels suffered major setbacks. Being left without goods and without means of getting new supplies shipped is a disaster for any company.

With that being said, one of the first changes that must be implemented is to ensure inventory levels remain high in order to meet demand, especially when pandemic induced lockdowns take place.

Companies will have to factor in any possibility to protect their business if the same situation arises in the future.

The Impact on Supply Chains

During the coronavirus pandemic, one of the major disadvantages of stretched supply chains is that they can simply break at any point.

You never know when the logistics department will fail to deliver, and your whole business is affected by it.

As a solution to this issue, companies will have to invest their resources into shortening the supply chain and making sure that the merchandise is transported from one end to the other in the shortest period of time possible.

Managing the Workforce During High Demand

We’ve witnessed how higher demand for a certain product can make hit the market if there’s no possibility of restocking.

For a short period, it was impossible in a few countries to get your hands on a bag of flour or even toilet paper. When panic spreads, people frequently act without thinking.

The logistics industry in a post coronavirus world will have to invest in workforce management training, transport and trucking software during times of high pressure.

The pandemic has taught us, that in times of need, supply chain balance is key.

Many Smaller Companies Will Disappear

The COVID-19 situation caused numerous small logistics companies to go bankrupt. Since the bigger companies have higher inventory levels and better overall performance, they survived, with many investing in purchasing bankrupt businesses to expand.

This will lead to a change in the market, and competition will be lower as well. Since there will be a small number of logistics companies on the market, there’s a possibility for a monopoly to develop.

When only some people share a great concentration of power, they set the rules to favor them. Hopefully, regulators will soon step in and ensure the smaller logistics operators get a look in.