How to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages

Auto Reply WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messages are important. Especially messages which are sent to you directly. But you might be busy, and do not want the sender to feel ignored. So, if you always wanted to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages, we have a solution.

How to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages

We all know there is no auto-reply on WhatsApp. You cannot schedule messages and set autoresponders. So, we will have to depend on third-party apps. There are many messages automating apps available at Google Play for WhatsApp. However, the number of useful applications for setting automated replies are too less. But then found an app named AutoResponder for WA. It can set up autoreply in WhatsApp without many horrible advertisements.

How to Setup auto reply for WhatsApp

So to bring auto reply in WhatsApp, let’s figure out how to set up AutoResponder for WA. This app works as an autoreply bot, which can auto reply WhatsApp message directly from the notifications. This app works on the pre-set rules for sending replies to WhatsApp users. You can set your custom rule based on your preference.

  1. Download and install AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply bot from Google Play store.
  2. Open the app to enable permissions for the app to access the notifications. (The app works on the basis notifications from WhatsApp).
  3. The main page opens with the options to set rules.
  4. Tap on the green box near to the option named Received Message to which messages you want to reply.
  5. If you select All, the app will send an autoreply to all messages you receive on WhatsApp.Autoreply to whatsapp 1
  6. You can choose to send replies to the messages that contain specific words by tapping and typing on the field provided below that option. You can also select the options like Exact match and Similarity Match.  
  7. Scrolling down, you will find options to enter your automated reply. On the field provided, you can enter your custom automated WhatsApp message to reply to your friends.Whatsapp autoreply settings
  8. On the bottom, you will find options to select whether you want to send auto-replies to individuals or groups. You can also choose to send auto-replies to both.
  9. You can exclude contacts by selecting the option named Ignored contacts. 
  10. Finally, you can specify the schedule to enable the auto-replies so that you can allow the autoresponders in the night or so.whatsapp message schedule

Go Premium if you like it

The premium version of this app comes with several other features that are even more useful. You can purchase the Pro version of this app by paying just Rs. 290 at the Google Play store. You will get many locked features by upgrading to Pro.

If you are looking for similar apps, which can autoreply for WhatsApp app, these are the best autoresponder apps for WhatsApp in Android: Auto-Reply for WhatsApp Business and Away – Auto Reply App.

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