Best Tips for WhatsApp group Admins to manage better

Best Tips for WhatsApp group Admins

WhatsApp is one of the most popular, trusted Instant Messaging apps today, across various platforms. The handy, user-friendly app has crossed over a billion downloads only in Google Play Store. The groups feature by the WhatsApp messenger has become a great platform to gather people online, way more effective than other platforms. The app already has many options for group admins to control group settings and provide privileges to the members. Here are the best tips for WhatsApp group admins to utilize the features efficiently.

Best Tips for WhatsApp group admins

Here we list out every feature that is added to the WhatsApp group settings by the developers so far. They have implemented a lot of additions. Anyways, we discuss from the very basic. Previously, the group settings on the IM app allowed the group admins to add or remove the members. Later, they added the link creation and control options. Substantially, the company started adding many features like messaging permissions, group name change privileges, etc. Scroll down for the complete guide.

  • Add and Remove Admins
  • Limit permission to edit group info
  • Block participants from sending messages
  • Revoke Invite Links

1] Add and Remove Admins

The feature is limited to the existing admins only. Here is how to add or remove admins.

  1. Open the group chat, which you are an admin.
  2. Tap on the group name at the top.
  3. Scroll down, tap & hold the name of a participant who you wish to make an admin.
  4. Choose “Make Group Admin.”
  5. To remove an admin, tap & hold on the contact of an existing admin and tap on “Dismiss as admin.”

2] Limit permission to edit group info

Before an update hit with the WhatsApp Messenger, every group members were able to change the group info, title, and display picture. Now onwards, it is easier to revoke others’ permission.

  1. Open the group and tap on the group name at the top.
  2. Choose the Group Settings.
  3. Tap on “Edit group info” and choose the desired privileges. You can either choose “All participants” to allow everyone to edit the group or select “Only admins” to prevent other participants from editing the group info.

Edit Send Message and Group info Edit in WhatsApp

3] Block participants from sending messages

Group admins can now change the settings that allow only the admins to send messages to the group. We can compare this to the “Channel” in the Telegram app. However, admins can anytime regain or revoke the permission of group members to send messages to the group, which helps in avoiding spams to an extent.

  1. Open the group and tap on the group name.
  2. Tap on “Group settings.
  3. Touch on “Send Messages” and choose any of the options – All participants or Only Admins.

Hang on! You might be thinking how could someone responds to a message that just sent by an admin to a WhatsApp group, where only admins can message. Well, it is also included in the updates. The group members can text the admin by selecting the message and reply to admin in private so that they could hear you regarding some “one-way” messages.

Bulk edit group admins

You can quickly add or remove admins as a whole.

Bulk Edit Group Admins in WhatsApp

  1. Open group and go to group settings.
  2. Choose “Edit group admins” and select or deselect the members/admins.
  3. Tap on the tick button below. It will update the list of admins at a go.

4] Revoke Invite Links

Instead of adding phone numbers directly, Admins can create invite links. These links dont usually expire, and anybody with access to that link can join. It is best that you create new invite links when needed, and remove old links.

  • Tap the top group info bar, and click on the invite via link option.
  • The same section offers you to remove the link.
  • Click on the Revoke link, and nobody will be able to join the group using that link.

Do share if you have more tips to share for WhatsApp group admins. I hope this article helped you in enhancing your group’s efficiency with some simple steps.

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