Awesome Sports Apps in 2020

With around 2 million available apps for iOS, the Apple Store is the second-largest platform for mobile applications. Apple is often referred to as the Kings of the Smartphone industry, if not ‘the’ King and sports apps are among the most downloaded apps in the app store. With the increased coverage of sports on a global scale, the mobile app world is trying to keep up through an increasing number of apps and tools to use. App Store has become a hotspot for mobile apps related to sports and betting and it’s easy to understand why. There are some awesome sports apps available in 2020, and we’ve covered some of the best right here in this article.


If you’re a fan of streaming sports from your mobile, Kayo is an app that you absolutely have to check out. Online streaming services aren’t something new, but when new ones do come around such as Kayo, the quality can often blow you away. The Kayo app is free to download from the App Store, but unfortunately, this is a subscription app.

There are two main subscriptions, basic and premium, at $25 and $35 a month respectively. The good thing is that if you only want access to streaming for yourself, or even yourself and a partner/friend, you only need the basic subscription. If you get premium you can watch on 3 different screens, rather than 2 with the basic subscription.

Kayo offers more than 50 different sports to stream, and there are thousands of events covered every single year. Some of the key sports here include Aussie Rules, soccer, cricket, rugby, and horse racing.


If you are into betting on the AFL (Australian Football League), this is an app that could well be worth your time checking out. Just like the app mentioned above, the AFL app is a subscription service, but they cover literally every single game of the AFL Premier League every season. This is true for both regular-season games and postseason games, and you can get access to every single one of them for an annual fee of $100. The downside of this app is that you can only stream AFL games, meaning that there aren’t any other sports covered.

This app starts to look even more appealing, however, if you are a Telstra customer, as you can then get access to the entire AFL season from this app absolutely free. It doesn’t really get much better than that, and it certainly removes the need to pay any extortionately priced TV packages just to watch your favorite AFL teams in action.

Australian Open

The Australian Open app is available to download directly from the App Store free of charge, but of course, this app only focuses on the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis event. This event takes place every single January in Melbourne, and the app has a ton of cool features if you are a fan of tennis. You can check out live scores for every single game of the tournament, you can listen to the radio coverage, and you can access top media articles related to the best players in the event.

There is another feature of this app however that steals the show, and that is the Australian Open bracket. If you’ve never engaged in a bracket event before, it’s basically where you select how you think the draw will play out before the event starts. If you are correct you will accumulate points, and at the end of the tournament, whoever ends up with the most points gets a rather cool prize.


ESPN is one of the Godfathers of sports right now and there is a reason why it’s often called the best sports app for iPhone. They have a presence in countries all over the globe, and in general, the coverage of sports at ESPN is just phenomenal. Some people still consider ESPN to be a platform that focuses solely on North American sport, but that has not been the case now for several years. Yes, they do cover sports like basketball and baseball in a big way, but they also cover rugby, cricket, soccer, and many other sports that will appeal to Australian based sports enthusiasts.

ESPN allows you to stream channels you have access to through your internet provider. Not all streams are free but this app also gives you one of the most extensive sports apps of all with the exception of this feature. You can check out statistics for teams and individuals, watch expert analysis of upcoming events, check out the top news from around the sporting world, and enjoy live scores for thousands of events. Just like the other apps on this list, you can download the ESPN app absolutely free, and you don’t even need to pay a subscription but again, not all games are free to stream.

Sports apps are only getting better but what’s even better is the diversity we get today. As much as we like apps with a broad approach, all-in-one apps can never give the same focus as apps dedicated to a single type of sports like the AFL but with these apps you have it all covered!