Barracuda Panguin: Analyze Panda / Penguin Update effect on your Blog

Barracuda Panguin

Google’s algorithms are nothing more than a complex set of computer programs that help the search-engine giant find, categorise and rank webpages. Earlier in 2011, Google came up with its not so content-friendly ‘Panda’ update. The update was on a mission to weed out low-quality content across the web and reduce the ranking power of pages hosting such contents.

Then, there was a Penguin update roll out. It too severely impacted traffic of many websites. However, what many at that point of time didn’t know about what happened. They were still clueless about was which of these algorithm updates affected their sites.

Barracuda Panguin: Analyze Panda / Penguin Update effect on your Blog

Taking ideas from this, Barracuda Digital, a London-based SEO agency, came up with a tool to help website owners identify if their website were affected by a Google update. How? The free online tool allowed website owners to import their organic Google analytics data and check whether drops in traffic corresponded to Google’s algorithm updates or not.

So, if you are a website owner whose website has been hit by the Google Algorithm update, I advise you to use Barracuda’s Panguin tool. The tool will help you identify any irregular activity.. It can also check which of the two algorithm update has impacted your website traffic.

How to use Barracuda Panguin

  1. Visit the Home page and hit the Log-in to analytics button to log-in with your Google account.
  2. Then, select your Analytics profile.
  3. Once selected, you can quickly view organic traffic and algorithm updates.

A word from Luis Navarrete, Head of SEO at Barracuda Digital:

“It can be difficult to know if you have been hit by an update and it is even harder to find out which update you’ve been hit by. The tool was born out of our own needs. We quickly realised that it could be helpful for marketers and the SEO community.”

Some users reported that Barracuda Panguin is unable to pull profile in certain browsers. So, try the Latest version of Internet Explorer or maybe Chrome or Firefox.

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