Benefits of Car Accident Photos

It is essential to take clear and detailed photos of the accident scene, the vehicles, injuries, and more immediately after an accident. Car accident scene photographs and photographs of injuries are critical pieces of evidence that can add value to a claim.

Many car accident victims choose to sue the at-fault party to claim compensation for the losses and damages they have suffered. The at-fault party can deny liability or claim that the victim did not suffer the injuries they claim they did. 

An experienced car accident lawyer will need to gather adequate evidence to support the case to prove liability. This includes a police report, witness statements, medical reports and bills, and photographs–which is why you should take pictures after an accident.

They Will Show That the Accident Occurred

Some of the most important photos you can take at the scene include skid marks, debris on the road, weather conditions, road conditions, street signs, lights, signals, and other road markings. These pictures can help create a realistic scene of the accident’s location, show if a driver ran a red light or stop sign, show speed violations, or more. Experts, such as accident reconstruction consultants, can use this information to determine how the accident happened and who the at-fault driver was.

The Photographs Will Show the Extent of Damages to Property

The at-fault driver or their insurance company can claim that the accident did not cause any damages to your vehicle or the damages that occurred before or after the accident. If you have no photographic evidence, it will be your word against theirs, which can be challenging. 

If you have time-stamped pictures, you will have the evidence you need to show that your vehicle suffered some damages due to the accident. Remember, insurance investigators also take photos of the damage to vehicles. However, they can take photographs several hours, days, or even weeks after the crash.

Their pictures might not support your claim. To have enough evidence, take clear photos of the activated airbags, paint scrapes, dents, broken glass, and any other damages your vehicle has sustained. Take all the pictures at the scene before the vehicle is towed away.

To Identify Witnesses

While taking photos of the accident scene, it is good to take some pictures of the witnesses at the scene. You may not have time to collect witness statements or contact information. Your lawyer can use the pictures to identify, track down a witness, and collect their statements.

A witness can add some value to your claim because their testimony is valid, and you can use it to support your claim. Witnesses can help prove speeding, aggressive driving, and poor weather conditions. This can add to the success of the case.

Proof of Physical Injuries

If you sustained any visible injuries, be sure to take as many photos of them as you can. The pictures will show the size, type, and severity of your injuries. Take photos immediately after the accident, no matter how gruesome your injuries look. 

If you cannot take the photos while at the scene, you can ask someone to take the photos as soon as you get to the hospital. It is vital to take pictures of all your physical injuries before they heal. This will help show the severity of the accident and can have a huge impression on the jury should the case go to court.

Get Help from a Car Accident Attorney 

If you have been in a car accident, it is important to talk to a car accident attorney in your area immediately. Your attorney will advise you on what to do, how to protect your claim, and your legal rights to compensation. Time-stamped pictures can help your attorney build a very strong case and help you claim maximum compensation for your damages. Therefore, ask an attorney how to take good photos to increase your settlement chances.