Why should one hire a software development service company for tailored solutions?

To live in the 21st century means discerning, reflecting on, and routinely sharing huge quantities of knowledge. Consider, your brain receives 34 GB of visual text and audio per day, which is more than certain iPhone models can store. Business owners must optimise their companies with such a large workflow to save money and remain efficient.

In such scenarios, it is unbelievable that 82% of tech companies outsourced tactical implementations or planned to some degree in 2019. The share of digital marketing agencies outsourced was just 57% in 2012 for comparison. Additionally, the United Studios analysis shows that digital agencies are outsourcing 66% of technical work, 60% of development in HTML, CSS, AJAX, and 54% of LAMP (PHP/MySQL)  programming.

Whenever you look for a professional website or application development, you should evaluate numerous possibilities. First, attempt to work it yourself as it would save money, but a certain level of competence is required in certain jobs. The second alternative would be to hire someone to work for you.

The major reason that professionals for these technical duties might be hired is that they need to spare time for business factors like sales, marketing, website, and product design. Also hiring a reliable custom software development services provider means you can leverage tangible business outcomes in no time.

Some people say that they can manage the work on the website or the creation of applications by themselves. Freelancers with an appropriate portfolio and working times are accurate. In contrast, large software development organisations and agencies with vast employees and multi-skilled resources work together accordingly. Therefore, there can be queries as to why hire the entire group when one resource or vice versa might be used?

If the task is required to update the graphic design, it is recommended to perform it with a freelancer. Freelancers, however, are only experts of limited competence. Rare are those trained to work with complex projects under cross-app development. The in-house staff can be a good add-on for freelancers.Agencies should always be taken into consideration when employing complex and dynamic projects. These are the companies that need to recruit qualified workers to spend on their complicated project. For tasks not handled by a single individual, software development companies are the best choice.

Many corporations and freelancers work in the IT industry today. All offer great talents and knowledge to carry out their best services.

However, there are a few practical advantages of hiring software development agencies.

8 Reasons Why Should One Hire a Software Development Service Company for Tailored Solutions:

1. Cost Efficient

You will face a minimum cost of 96,000 $ a year if you elect to have at least one in-house developer (who must be able to code a website, optimise database work, complete QA analysis, or resolve bugs, if any occur). In addition, you will have to pay a worker who does not really earn the complete wage because you do not always have enough work as a digital agency for one full-time developer.

You will pay someone only if you opt to outsource. The average hourly charge for outsourced developers is $70 in the USA and $74 in Australia. However, it’s just the costliest price to hire freelance developers. You can also hire someone from a country in Eastern Europe where workers from other continents are as professional and much cheaper. The employment of a freelancer is more efficient and undoubtedly saves you a considerable amount of money in paying a wage.

2. Scalability

Another strong reason to employ a software developer from an agency is that agencies often have quicker production times due to scalability. One of the greatest downsides for freelance developers is that they alone have to do all the work. With only a single individual, the programming takes a great deal of their time away.

They can only work so quickly when they do the programme. Organisations can employ several individuals and, if necessary, can increase the number of personnel they have. In other words, they can increase the speed and lower the overall project length.

3. Maintenance Team

What would you do after you have your website but you have a problem after a month? A freelance developer would not want to support them in such a circumstance as they are already involved in a new project and would merely waste time. At the same time, you are entirely cooperating and listening to a web development agency.

A web development agency spends time understanding and quality assistance of your problem. Sometimes you have tutorials that allow you to capture your website in the long term.

So an agency doesn’t leave you unprotected and defenceless in your difficult moments.

4. Diverse Expertise

The recruitment of a software development business implies hiring an entire team of specialists with varied abilities and knowledge (developers, designers, managers, QAs etc.). Almost always, a qualified specialist who is ready to resolve a particular problem in Freelancer is hard to discover.

5. Use the Latest tools and technology stack

The expertise of the current tools and SDKs has been lacking. Although they know, they do not have sufficient time to understand and use these technologies to construct initiatives. Software development businesses employ specialists with a thorough grasp of the latest tools and processes, which significantly impact the development of software. The latest tools help you design a proven and scalable product for the future.

In order to build your product, software development companies follow Agile and use the latest methods such as DevOps. They are using the latest tests and tools for software like Kotlin, Jenkins, Apache jMeter etc. Freelancers don’t spend a lot of time and resources on the testing of software.

6. Management

Have you ever handled software developers? It’s not a simple job. You must make them up-to-date and get them familiar with all basics, reports and deadlines when you are onboard a freelancer. No other person except you must control them and assess the quality of their deliverables.

An additional freelancer may become an overhead for the management of your startup team since it will take you extra time. Also, if your knowledge is outside your field, it will be difficult for you to monitor a software development process.

In addition, if you hire numerous freelancers for various sections of the project, you must become habituated and learn how to operate well together. And you have to pay for it all.

Agencies always have in-house project managers, so you are not responsible for administration and can concentrate on your primary tasks: strategy, sales and expansion. Agencies also allow the team to scale if required: reduce the number of developers in order to remove overheads or increase the number of workers to speed up the time to market for the product.

The project managers will also be responsible for achieving timelines, preventing potential breakdowns, and introducing modifications smoothly. Also, you can be sure that the team worked together before and built its own efficiency and productivity metrics when you choose an agency to design your startup product.

7. Reliability

An offshore software developer can provide a whole design process of software. They help you from consultation, business analysis to the assessment of company ideas in every aspect. These procedures are particularly critical if you are new to your firm and attempt to create your brand. Experts from several areas, such as developers, QA engineers, designers and business analysts, must be involved in this process. Unlike freelancers who are more like all in one, each specialist in the appropriate industry has a distinctive and vital job.

A software development business assigns the specific specialist in the field a task, complies with the period and fulfils customer needs. It is the responsibility of the organisation to assign a project manager and, when required, to supervise and communicate with the customer.

In brief, a software development business can handle your product or service from concept to launch, in contrast to a freelance developer.

8. Legal Issues and NDA

Now that companies are aware of and understand the significance of software agreements, the advantages that they give organisations should also be highlighted.

  • There is legal paperwork in software agreements and NDA; thus, all possible difficulties that may occur in the future must be avoided. If the agreement is infringed, the costs of the data breach are borne by both parties.
  • The crucial component here is confidentiality. In the agreement, information shared by two or more parties is maintained and respected. There is a clear, written statement that everything included in the “confidential” area may not be utilised or shared with third parties; otherwise, the information will be lost or leaked.
  • The possibilities of confusion or conflicts over crucial information from the organisation will reduce.
  • The danger of collaborating with external professionals, such as software developers or consultants, is minimised.

Ultimately, it safeguards all intellectual property disclosures and protects the entire organisation.


The solution is that you must go to an Agile development company if you want to avoid fishy source codes, extra costs, and dodgy qualifications that send shakers down your spine. I hope the above-mentioned practical reasons lead you to better decisions and judgments. It is always more preferable to hire an entire team of experts rather than anticipating from a single individual irrespective of skills and expertise.

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