Benefits Of Upgrading Your Used Car Stereo To Apply Car Play

For car owners the Apple CarPlay is a buzz. But the idea has not got into your mind. You have heard about this app among your friends. They all have upgraded their car stereo system to be compatible with CarPlay. You wonder why they are considering it yet they can play music on the car stereo. Their answer is that they can play music from YouTube and other third party apps.

You wonder how it can make a difference as you can do the same by connecting your iPhone via Bluetooth. For this reason, you do not think it is worth upgrading your used car stereo to Apple CarPlay. If this is your thought, you might be missing out. Here are the benefits you will get by upgrading your used car stereo to apply CarPlay:

Reduce distractions when driving

Certainly, you carry your phone with you when on the road trip. You place it on the dashboard or car cradle. With it, you can get distractions from different apps and alerts. The distraction can affect impact your driving.

CarPlay comes with limited apps selection. It only offer minimum alerts. This means that you have less distractions allowing you to concentrate on your trip. With this, you enhance your safety and road experience.

Get a car friendly experience

When in a car, your ride becomes enjoyable if it offers the expected experience. You want to have a car friendly experience. Connecting your iPhone with the car stereo via Bluetooth does not offer you this aspect. You will need to get back to your phone on notification denying you the car experience.

This is why a CarPlay becomes critical. The app provides you a wider screen than that of your iPhone. It comes with customized interface, layout, and buttons. Also, it clears all unnecessary features. You will only get information and functionalities that you need. The aspect also reduces your navigation time through the useful apps displayed on a large touchscreen. This way, you enjoy a car friendly experience without the need to use your phone.

Real-time reminders

Do you have a plan to visit a supermarket or drive-in while on the road? Or maybe you have a special meeting? The CarPlay will always pop up reminders and alerts to inform you about the them. Also, it can remind you every time you enter or exit your car.

The app feature Apple Maps and will inform you about the daily calendar events. You will get notification when heading to job or going home. This means you will not need to keep getting back to the dashboard. You will never miss a task or activity and spend minimal time trying to navigate your route. All you need is to start the button when kicking off your journey.

Opportunity to dictate messages

Are you planning to message a colleague or keen while on the wheel? Sometimes, this is not possible with the traditional car stereo. Even if you connect your iPhone with the stereo, you will need to pick it when texting. This aspect will distract you.

With Siri integration on your iPhone, you can dictate your text messages using the in-car microphone connected to your CarPlay receiver. But you will make errors when dictating messages. Well, Siri offers you a chance to get the message read before sending it. This way, you spend minimal time without touching your phone.

Control at your finger

Imagine accessing your entire iPhone features on your dashboard. Wouldn’t this experience be amazing? This is why you should shop apple CarPlay stereos and fix them on your cars. This software provides you with a second and expanded screen of your iPhone. You will easily navigate your apps right from your dashboard.

Also, you can control everything with Siri. This means you will use voice with a simple press of a button on your wheel. You will have a personalized experience without requiring you to get off your hands on the wheel. So, you will never lose sight of the road.

With Siri, you have a personal assistant. This means you will do many tasks on your dashboard without lifting your finger. So, you have a control at your fingertips.

 Wrapping up

In a word, it is time to upgrade your used car stereo to apple CarPlay. The app brings you great and personalized car experience. Also, you will have maximum control at your fingertips. It will change how you feel when driving on the road. By replacing the old car stereo, you will enjoy new features that beyond the usual distractive aspects. So, consider installing CarPlay in your car.

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