Best Android launchers to improve the looks and performance of your devices

Best Android Launchers 

Android has a much dominance over other mobile operating systems mainly due to endless customization options. It lets you even play with the system UI with ‘xposed modules’ or by a custom aftermarket ROM. You think it, Android can be customized that way. Now as we speak of Launchers in this article let’s go with that for now. A launcher is your home screen and the catalog of all the apps available on the device. This article has the list of Best Android launchers in the market.

Best Android Launchers

Third-party launchers usually come up with a sleeve of goodies. They include a ton customization that can be tailored for each and every one.

  • Evei Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Blackberry Launcher

Android launchers are now more intrusive and smarter. They organize most used apps and keep it in front. They automatically organize apps into categories with smart intelligence. Now we have come up with a list of Best Android Launchers that we think are cooler than the rest!

Best light launcher: Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is a lightweight launcher that comes in with a ton of gestures. The launcher is very light on system resources thus having a lot of customization options.  It also comes with optimizations and tweaks to help up the overall launcher smoothness.

evie launcher

The launcher is completely free on play store. It comes with an option to back up the launcher layout and its settings directly to your Google Drive. So that the next time you don’t have to go through all those hustles. Evie has opened up many gesture-based shortcuts that make it stand out in the other lightweight launchers.

Download Evie Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft’s launcher takes us back to a native Windows Phone look. At the same time, it gives you a complete Android experience. It is one of the few launchers to offer edge-to-edge widget placement.  In this launcher, all are arranged in an alphabetical order with vertical placement. You can even Hide Apps using this launcher, and password protects them.

microsoft launcher

Microsoft launcher works best when you use an Outlook account for work or personal mail. It lets you have your calendar appointments on the widget. No wonder Microsoft tries to build a Microsoft ecosystem with this launcher within Android, So keep this in mind if Outlook isn’t your thing.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Best Customization launcher: Nova Launcher

Nova launcher has been a major player in the home screen market and was even bundled with the original Razer Phone due to the love for the firm. This launcher does wonder with the unique mix of customization, convenience, and performance. It can be sued to convert any phone to clean Pixel-y look or throw in a few customizable gadgets and make the best of your home screen with ease!


Nova has most of its best features hidden in its settings and the backup system that allows for easy restore if u come again to this launcher after testing some other launchers. So that you don’t have to go with all over again although this comes in with a ton of features and options to keep in mind that it might take a hit on the battery life aspect. The next big thing about Nova is the ever unlimited collection of themes available for it and the easiness to create one for yourself too.

Download Nova launcher

Action Launcher

Action Launcher has taken itself to be one of the best customizable launchers on the market with its robust gesture controls and to the shutters that hide the folders and widgets. For action launcher everything is QUICK- Quick theme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Quickbar, and covers, tapping a cover to load an app or even to open a customizable hidden folder.

action launcher

Action Launcher also keeps up with the Android version goodness from the actual theme to icon packs and the whole UI pack too.

Download Action launcher

BlackBerry launcher

BlackBerry launcher is a made for business kinda launcher with all the productivity suite that you may want to have rather than the extreme customizations.


The pop-up widgets that appear with the swipe of an icon to a no-nonsense approach launcher settings and customizations, BlackBerry launcher gets your things set up just the way you’d expect them to be and streamline the whole experience towards efficiency.

It always gives a premium experience on your device and the only one downside we have with this is unlike all the other launcher that charge you a one-time fee for removing the ads, on BlackBerry launcher, you are to have a BlackBerry Hub subscription every 30 days which might turn down some heads though.

Download Blackberry launcher

Hope you have made up your mind for your favorite launcher. Do let us know by dropping down a comment. The ability to change icon packs, themes and more intrusive widgets are a total grace when it comes to third-party best Android launchers and that’s the thing which makes me switch from the stock Pixel launcher on my Pixel 2 to the best one out there, the Nova launcher!!

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