Best Construction Management Apps

What is the best way to manage a construction project? The answer is simple – using construction project management software! With the best one on board, you can accomplish almost everything. From material takeoff to estimating and job costing to project management, a construction project is a single most important app that can streamline a construction project. Highly advanced apps aid in assessing the construction risks and control the costs with a basic accounting kit.

Best Construction Management Apps

Take a gander at the best construction management apps below:

ProcoreBest Construction Management Apps

Procore works on three principles – listen to the customer issues, design easy-to-use system for the problems and make sure customers use the solutions instantly. The developers work with the users to design new features for the software. Once the developers are aware of the customer needs, the engineering and the design teams develop some intuitive technology to help the clients realize their dreams. It becomes beneficial for user development of the system. It assists in widespread usage, fast implementation and higher return on investment. Procore ensures extensive collaboration by allowing users to work with anyone from any place in no time. This all-in-one software streamlines construction project management. The best feature is responsive to customer support.


e-Builder is a construction project management tool with features and real-time performance dashboards. E-Builder boosts productivity on the job site and cuts down on project costs. Multiple jobs spanning over various job sites is not easy. The website has its costs, documents, and schedules with an individual delivery process including procurement, design, operations and construction. e-Builder’s construction project management software slashes project costs by 4 percent and increases productivity by three times on the job sites and benefits owners, foremen, managers. One can manage multiple projects, collaborate with the team and minimize the cycle times.

Autodesk BIM 360

A field management app for the tablets, Autodesk BIM 360 ensures a program’s safety, quality, documentation, and commissioning and this includes building information management (BIM). The cloud-based reporting and collaboration application improves quality and construction management. The construction teams can produce management programs besides storing information at one secure place. Aided with mobile technology, the construction team is well equipped with tools to organize the teams and face challenges with efficacy.

Bridgit Closeout

Bridgit, a cloud-based task management solution assists in assigning, reporting and note-making. Task details can be shared with the teams with this closeout app. The punch list must be streamlined. The cloud-based management solution offers Bridgit Closeout for all projects – small or big who wish to save time and assign work manually, report the problems and take random notes.  The mobile app is a boon for the construction managers to share the details through tablets and smartphones. And with online access, the result is quick (at their fingertips) irrespective of the site they are working on.


JobFLEX is an estimating and bid management application that provides estimates on the spot irrespective of the cellular connection. It creates customized forms to email, preview, and print. Creating estimates quickly and efficiently is vital for customers. To win a client, it is essential to turn an estimate around fast and in a professional manner. You need not be tech savvy to use JobFLEX. It is vital to create and edit customizable forms. Just drag and drop item costs, photos and materials. Once done, preview, email or print the estimates with one tap. It can help you get bids 20% faster.

Final Words

These are the best apps and are capable of sufficing your needs though you can check more. The selection of the right app or software depends upon the requirements you have. If you know any other good platform, let us know in the comments section below.