Best eBook Readers Available in Market to buy

Best eBook Readers Available in Market

eBook readers have gained considerable popularity over the past few years and its ubiquity continues to grow among the reading population. The simple-in-looks devices have opened a new chapter in learning as they offer access to information anytime, anywhere and at any place. That said; there are dozens of eBook readers available today so certain factors should be considered before buying any of them. In this guide, we share the Best eBook Readers to buy.

Factors you should consider before buying an eBook

For those who are not aware, there are two basic classes of eBook readers:

  1. Black-and-white E-ink models – These eBook readers are capable of offering much longer battery life. Moreover, they employ Pearl E Ink technology that offers superb ‘paperlike’ reading experience in direct sunlight and are available at affordable prices.
  2. Color LCD models – These types of eBook readers are much like miniature tablets in function. They include apps, video, music, games, and more. In short, Color LCD models function as full-blown tablets.

The color models seldom hit the market these days because of the lowered popularity among buyers. Consumers who specifically purchase purchases the eBook reader mostly go with the E-Ink screen, having no color.

Best eBook Readers to buy

Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is one among the most top eBook readers available today in the market. Unlike other similar Kindle readers from Amazon, the Kindle Oasis comes with many features that still the majority of the eBook readers do not sport. The 7-inch paperwhite-backlit display has the highest resolution among the devices with 300ppi pixel density. The glare-free design of the screen allows paper-like experience while reading. The inbuilt 8GB storage, Wi-Fi, and IPX8 rated water-proof makes it even much special. You can get the Amazon Kindle Oasis from the website starting US$249.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Best eBook Readers to Buy in 2018

Kobo Aura One

The eBook reader, Oasis reader, from the Japanese manufacturer Kobo is a powerful competitor to the Amazon’s  Kindle. The E-Ink screen is touch-enabled, so there are no physical navigation buttons added. It has the display resolution as same as the Kindle reader – 300ppi. It comes with the color tone shift which you can set manually or automatically, so the screen color temperature will change according to the condition. You can buy Aura One from Kobo official store and Amazon at US$229.

Kobo Aura One Best eBook Readers to Buy in 2018

Kobo Aura H2O

Auro H2O is the underpowered variant of Aura One. It also provides the waterproofing with an IP67 rating. The E-Ink screen is touch-enabled like Kobo Aura One. Compared to the Kindle Oasis, the display resolution is a little lesser, at 265ppi. You can buy it from Kobo official store and Amazon at US$179.

Kobo Aura H2O Best eBook Readers to Buy in 2018

Kindle Paperwhite

As being one of the most selling eBook readers in the Internet giant’s Kindle series, we could trust the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as a suitable one for mediocre users. The anti-glare screen has a 300ppi resolution, having an anti-glare coating. The company also offers the battery backup up to one week in a single charge.

Kindle Paperwhite Best eBook Readers to Buy in 2018

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight 3

It is one of the cheapest eBook readers you can purchase today. The brand-new piece of device costs merely US$100. The model is not touch-enabled, but navigational buttons are provided alongside the screen.

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight 3 eReader - 6 model - New - 8GB

Choosing the best eBook reader that fits your need is the next step. You can buy the low-cost one if you are just a typical reader who gets eye-itching while reading often on the smartphone screen. The expensive ones are for those bibliophiles who reads all the day, in need of a perfect reader. Do you think we missed adding any readers in our list of best eBook readers to buy in 2018?

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