Best Google Pixel 3 Tips and Tricks

Best Google Pixel 3 Tips and Tricks

Google recently launched their new smartphone series named Google Pixel 3 to the family of Pixel devices by Google. The all-new Pixel 3 smartphones come in two variants based on its basic specifications. The two Pixel phones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL come with the same form factor, but different specifications with different price mark. Fans across the globe are extremely excited about the new champions in the market. Here are some of the best Google Pixel 3 Tips and Tricks.

Best Google Pixel 3 Tips and Tricks

The mighty Pixel 3 smartphones come with Google’s own stock Android version with some exclusive add-ons from Google. Arguably, it has the best Android skin in the market. However, it also features many hidden features and other useful tools like any other customized skins. This article includes the best tips and tricks for your Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Plus smartphones.

Fingerprint Gestures

The fingerprint scanner is a very common and basic hardware in all smartphones now. However, in the Pixel 3 smartphones, you can do more with your fingerprint scanner than just using it for securing your phone.

Fingerprint gestures

As you saw in the Huawei/Honor smartphones, this phone also supports fingerprint gestures which lets you control many settings with the scanner. To turn this feature on, go to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe fingerprint for notifications and tap on the toggle button.

Now Playing

This is one of the most favorite features of Pixel fans. Debuted with Pixel 2, Now Playing makes its way to the successor too. It is a very interesting feature and it uses the device’s machine learning capabilities to listen to music playing in the surroundings and identify it.

Now Playing

This feature is disabled by default in accordance with user privacy concerns. Don’t worry, you can easily turn on this feature by heading over to Settings > Sound > Now Playing. Then tap on Show songs on lock screenHere you can enable or disable showing notifications about the songs playing around.

Active Edge

This feature is very popular as it was a market surprise with the HTC U11 smartphone. It was already available in the predecessor and now available for the Pixel 3 models. Active Edge is a feature in which it opens the Google Assistant when the user squeezes at any corner of the phone.

Active Edge

It asks you to set up the Active Edge during the phone’s initial set up process. However, you can tweak the sensitivity of the edges after setting up everything. Just head over to Settings > System > Gestures > Active EdgeHere you can manually adjust the sensitivity using the slider. You can completely turn it off too. You can use this for many other functionalities as well.

Digital Wellbeing and Flip to Shhh

It is a new program launched by Google, exclusively for the Pixel smartphone which focuses on the well being of smartphone users and helps them to control their phone usage time and focus on their health. The Digital Wellbeing portal in your Pixel 3 phone features many useful tools for you.

Digital wellbeing

However, the most notable feature in the Digital Wellbeing is Flip To Shhh. When turned on, it silences your device when you flip the phone on a table (display facing down). To enable this, go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Flip to Shhh and toggle it on.

These are the most popular hidden features in the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Plus smartphones. There are many more other hidden tools also in the device. If you are planning to upgrade to the Pixel 3 smartphone, do let us know in the comments below.

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