Everything you should know about Android P Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down

Android P Digital Wellbeing

Google released the Developer preview version of the forthcoming Android P, which is open to trying out on many smartphones. with the support of Project Treble. The latest Android is a major facelift from the earlier versions and gives much priority to the user-health. In order to keep the digital health balanced, Google introduced a new dashboard and associated feature that could change your entire smartphone usage habit. Here is everything you should know about Android P Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down.

The new dashboard and timer features are not just another farce that merely updates the older features to give out absolutely nothing. Google says that it is capable of changing your daily habit and make you more focused towards the life, not the smartphone. Here are the most important things you should know about the new dashboard and timer features on the Android 9.0 P.

Everything about Android P Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down

Why Dashboard?

According to the Google, while using smartphones, users mostly get distraction from everything else and loses life balance. As a part of company’s commitment to bring the wellness to its users, they introduced a new program named “Digital Wellbeing.” At Google, they used to practice the real-world forms of the same from years to maintain work-life balance among employees. Now, the feature expanded its possibilities to the smartphones too. The new Digital Wellbeing service on Android P is the best part of it.

Android P Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down

The core part of the system is the Dashboard which monitors all the time and suggests you the habit you should follow not to trap into the smartphone or technology addiction. Thus, you will stay healthy with controlled smartphone usage. It is a revolutionary move from the tech company like Google that even inspires many other profit-centric MNCs to show some concerns about their consumers.

How does it work?

The new dashboard feature based on Digital Wellbeing reaches its completion with three major elements – Dashboard, App Timer and Wind Down.


The dashboard is a statistics app preinstalled in Android P. It monitors the entire smartphone usage. You can get the detailed report of your smartphone using habit. The reports are available both on daily basis or hourly basis. As you use the smartphone more, it learns more from it and provides suggestions.

You can check how many times you have unlocked your smartphone so far since morning, most used apps, list of the apps which you spend the most time, etc. You can keep in touch with the dashboard to understand how addicted you are to the smartphones. Also, it helps in taking measures manually.

App Timer

The App TImer is a part of Dashboard, which sets a specific time for each app. You can control the usage of apps by setting usage limit to particular apps. They will automatically go idle after a threshold. The temporarily disabled apps will appear in the greyscale icon, so you could not open them. It is really helpful to keep you stay away from social media apps to maintain the workflow.

Wind Down

Wind Down is a bedtime reminder feature comes with Dashboard. You can set a time to go to bed. When the clock hits the time, the smartphone interface will automatically turn greyscale. Thus, you no longer will get clear interface.

What do you think of Android P Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down on the Android 9.0 P.? Do you think it is going to help you in long term?

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