Best Sites to sell used phones directly for cash

Best Sites to sell used phones directly for cash

Are you planning to sell your old phones? Undoubtedly, selling phones is a bigger hassle than buying one. Nonetheless, if you are confused about where to sell, how to sell and at for what value, then you are at the right place. Here is the list of best sites to sell used phones where you can sell your old phones for direct cash.

best sites to sell used phones online, as well as offline.

Best Sites to sell used phones

  1. OLX
  2. Quickr
  3. Cashify
  4. InstaCash
  5. SahiValue
  6. Budli

As you’d acknowledge, smartphones have become an essential gadget to own these days. New phones launch almost every day, inducing the bait to ditch the old ones. While we’re tempted towards buying the latest ones synonymous with the current trends, selling the old stuff becomes a significant problem.

Notably, many have started buying refurbished phones in recent times. But where from do these refurbished phones come. Well, they are the same old phones sold by users, gone through necessary fixes and polishing. So can you, after going through this article. Below are some of the best sites to sell used phones online, as well as offline.

1] OLX

Sell used phones using OLXAs you’d admit, OLX is indeed the most popular site for selling used mobile phones and accessories across the globe. Being a platform that connects local users, it’s the best way to sell your old phones without any hassle.

Notably, you need to click a few pictures, write a description, and mention the asking price. The interested local buyers will connect with you through the app’s built-in chat system. Next, you can negotiate and fix the deal. Both the seller and buyer can meet at a place and proceed with the agreement in-person.

While OLX is mainly used for selling phones, you can also sell electronics, home appliances, books, vehicles, furniture, property for rent, and more on the platform. You can either install the OLX app on your phone or access the website on your desktop.

Note: For safety purposes, always prefer meeting at public places and give the phone only after receiving complete payment.

Check out OLX here!

2] Quickr

Sell used phones using Quikr

Quikr is the only competitor to OLX when it comes to selling a used phone locally. Reminiscent of the latter, it provides an online classified advertising platform for users to buy or sell goods and services from each other.

However, things become interesting as Quikr provides an extra feature dubbed as doorstep delivery service. Using the same, a buyer can finalize the deal with you and pre-pay the amount to Quikr. Quikr will then get the phone picked up from your home and will deliver it to the buyer. If the buyer is happy with the product and accepts it, Quikr will transfer the money to your account. If not, the phone will be returned to you.

Note that the doorstep delivery feature is available for limited cities. Anyways, you can still use the chatting option to meet buyer locally and sell your phone offline.

Check out Quickr here!

3] Cashify

Sell used phones on Cashify

Cashify is one of the best sites to sell used phones that you can trust blindly. And I can say that confidently because the company has served as exchange partner for brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus.

To sell used smartphones on Cashify, you need to select the smartphone from the list and answer a few simple questions to describe its condition. You’ll now get a price quote based on phone’s status and current market price after which you can make up your mind whether to sell it or not.

On finalizing the deal, Cashify will get the phone picked up from your home in exchange for instant cash or the preferred payment method.

Check out Cashify here!

4] InstaCash

Sell used phones using InstaCash

InstaCash, being very similar to Cashify, is one of the fastest sites to sell your old phone. Notably, one can get a deal fixed within 60-seconds by going through some simple steps.

Once you’re on the site, you can start with selecting your brand & model from a wide range of smartphones. Now, test the functionality of your old phone thoroughly to get a price quote for your phone. You can then proceed with the doorstep-pickup facility, accompanied by instant payment.

This way, you can get a hassle-free experience with the convenience of selling a phone without the need of going anywhere.

Check out InstaCash here!

5] SahiValue

SahiValue, in our usage, provides maximum value for your used mobile phones. While it’s not the same as you’d get from buyers on OLX or Quickr but is better than Cashify and other similar sites.

Well, SahiValue is pretty simple and straightforward.  Just visit the site and search for your phone. Next, you need to select a few options, defining your phone’s condition, available accessories, and warranty information. If happy with the quoted price, you can proceed with the deal. Note that amount will be transferred after your device goes through quality inspection by SahiValue.

Check out SahiValue here!

6] Budli

Sell used phones on Budli is yet another site that accepts phones in exchange for cash. Enter your phone details, and you’ll get its equivalent cash value within seconds. If in case your phone is not listed, you can demand a quote and folks at Budli will revert to you within 72 hours.

If you accept the quote, the phone will be picked up from your location. However, unlike Cashify, you’ll get money only after your device gets delivered and analyzed by the team.

Check out Budli here!

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best sites to sell used phones. For the most part, I’d recommend sticking to the first two sites as the others either offer meager prices or tend to re-evaluate the quoted price during the inspection. That said, let us know what’s your favorite place to sell used phones or gadgets. If in case you have any doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to reach us out using the comment box below.

Some of the services listed above don’t offer instant payments. Instead, they release amount after a thorough inspection once the device gets delivered to them. Hence, we recommend choosing a suitable condition for your phone during valuation so that you don’t face problems with regards to the quoted price later on.

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