Best Spotify Tips to Improve Your Music Streaming

There are many different ways to listen to music on various devices, and there are also some great services that help you avoid transferring files from one device to another and have all your favorite songs in one place. For example, as not all music players support every possible audio file, you may need to convert m4a to mp3 in order to listen to a song, which is time-consuming.

As people are getting more and more used to everything syncing and being easy and intuitive to use, such streaming services as Spotify are becoming popular. You can use the service on multiple devices, create playlists, listen to music offline, and access everything you liked and saved from any device.

On the other hand, there are people who have been using Spotify for years and enjoying it without knowing about some features that can improve music streaming. Therefore today, we want to share a list of tips that will help you enhance your music streaming experience on Spotify.

Tip #1: Create Your Own Playlists

Instead of listening to playlists that someone else has created, you can create a playlist of your own. Surely, you can listen to a list of songs that you have liked over time, but it is very likely that the music style of the songs and the mood they create will differ. Also, you may feel tired and bored with some songs that you have liked ages ago.

To create a new playlist, just click on the option New Playlist and add a song to it. You can also come up with an interesting name for it and add an image to express the mood.

Tip #2: Organize the Playlists

If you have quite a lot of playlists and sometimes get lost in them, it would be a good idea to organize them by creating Playlist Folders. To create one, click File on the top menu and choose New Playlist Folder. When you do that, you will see the folder on the left side of the screen. To add playlists to this folder, simply drag them into it.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Assisted Playlisting

Assisted Playlisting is a special function that can be useful for those people who like to create playlists on Spotify. What it does is after you create at least one playlist, it analyzes the name of the playlist to give you more song recommendations that you could add to your playlist.

If you agree to add some of the suggested songs to the playlist, Assisted Playlisting will update the results and will recommend even more songs according to your recent choices.

Tip #4: Listen to Personalized Mixes

Daily and weekly mixes are a great element of personalization. According to the music you listen to and like, Spotify streaming service creates new random playlists for you to listen to every day and every week. If you are using this music streaming service, don’t miss out on this feature because it can help you discover a lot of new music you will enjoy,

Tip #5: Listen to Music Offline

Generally, Spotify needs an internet connection to play music. And sometimes there are such situations when you know you will not have an internet connection, for example, when you are flying on a plane. You still want to listen to some music, and it seems that the only choice is to listen to music that is on your phone.

Luckily, Spotify lets you download tracks, albums, and playlists while you are still online and listen to them offline. Although, if you use several devices to listen to Spotify, for example, a tablet and a smartphone, offline listening will only be available on the devices you used to download the music.

Tip #6: Collaborate on Playlists

Just like on the YouTube platform, you can collaborate on playlists with other people on Spotify. To enable this option, choose a playlist that is already created, right-click on it, click the option Collaborative Playlist, and an icon will be added to the playlist’s name. Now, you can share access to the collaborative playlist with your friends.

Tip #7: Recover a Deleted Playlist

Even though you have to be very careless to accidentally choose to delete a playlist and then accidentally hit the confirmation button but sometimes it happens. Luckily, there is a way to recover a deleted playlist.

To recover a Spotify playlist that you did not delete on purpose, you need to go to Spotify’s website, log in, then, on the left side, you will see an option Recover Playlists. Here, you can restore the deleted playlists.

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