Best tips for Google Podcast app on Android

Best tips for Google Podcast app

Android’s parent company Google recently launched its Podcast service app on the Google Play Store. The app came with many features, comprising every podcast on the web. Google recently removed the podcast section from Google Play Music app, which later they implemented to one single app. It seems most of the users get confused with the new app that has very unfamiliar controls and options. The following article might help you get used to it with our best tips for Google Podcast app on Android.

Best tips for Google Podcast app

Google Podcasts was initially released as a substitute to the third-party podcasting apps and other services like TuneIn, Overcast, etc. You can have the app on your Android smartphone and subscribe & listen to channels for free.

Get podcasts from Google Search

Google not only introduced the new podcast app but also integrated the podcast into the search results too. When you search using Google App on an Android smartphone, the results might contain related, relevant podcasts from several channels, available on Google Podcast. The play button will direct you to the Google Podcasts app.

Podcast Search Result on Google

Save episodes offline

Like most other podcast services, the Google Podcasts also allows you to download and listen to the episodes later. The app will automatically remove the offline episodes after 30-days of downloading. It also removes unfinished ones after 30-days and finished episodes after 24-hours, which helps in managing space. Here is how to save one.

  1. Open Google Podcasts app and tap on an episode.
  2. Tap on the download button at the middle.
  3. Grant storage permissions to start downloading.

Save Podcast Offline

Adjust playback speed

Are you not getting any episodes of your favorite channel? Or the current episode goes so slow? You can save time by adjusting the playback time of the episodes. The playback rate varies from 0.5x to 3x. Also, you can skip silences in between the podcast episodes.

  1. Play any episodes.
  2. Tap on the mini player at the bottom.
  3. Touch the small button with “1x” and slide left or right to adjust the speed.
  4. Tap on “Trim silence” to skip the silent moments.

Change playback speed in Google Podcast

Publish your podcasts

In case you do podcasting, the Google Podcasts allows you to publish your podcast, episodes. As it just maps and shows the podcasts only, you cannot upload or host your podcasts directly to the app. You need to publish using any suitable Podcast Publishing app and submit it to Google Podcasts. Also, you can use the Google Podcasts Publisher Tools to show your podcast episodes in Google Search results and later listen via the Google Podcast App. You can also use Google Play Podcast publisher on Play Store.

We hope you found the article helpful. Enjoy your daily episodes with the simple app by Google.

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