Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in India

Best Broadband Service Provider in India

India is one of the fastest developing countries. According to the official surveys, with over 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. It says that there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India by 2021. Broadband connectivity has become a very common thing in every Indian house. So here are the best broadband internet service providers in India.

Best broadband internet providers in India in 2019

  1. Hathway
  2. ACT Fibernet
  3. Hayai broadband
  4. Asianet
  5. Airtel

There are more than 15 internet service providers in the country as of now. All of them are competing with each other with technology, coverage, and pricing. So it is really hard to select one best broadband internet provider. The above listed are the top five broadband internet providers in India. Let’s know them individually:

1] Hathway

Hathway can be described as the most popular private-owned broadband internet provider in the country. It is owned by Reliance Industries Private limited and operates in over 13 cities in India. The maximum network speed offered by Hathway is 50 Mbps, which is very low as compared to its competitors.



It’s most basic plan comes with an unlimited internet connection with 2 Mbps maximum speed at Rs. 800 per month. All other plans include data speed FUP. After crossing the FUP, your speed will be limited.

2] ACT Fibernet

Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd, also known as ACT Fibernet is a very popular broadband provider. It is mostly focused in South India and comes with some good features for the customers. It is the biggest non-telecom internet service provider in India. ACT Fibernet is available in 17 cities in the country with great speed and service.

ACT Fibernet tarrif

The internet plans at ACT Fibernet ranges from 15 Mbps plan to 1Gbps It costs Rs. 685 and Rs. 5,999 per month respectively. There are 10 plans available for home users at affordable prices. ACT comes with a lot of offers and perks for their customers. With a 6 or 12 month subscription, get additional 1 month free with your ACT Fibernet connection. There are so many similar offers available for you.

3] Hayai broadband

Hayai is very popular as the most customer-friendly broadband internet provider. They have the best plans and pricing for the Indian consumers. Its internet speed ranges from 12 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The most basic plan costs Rs. 299 with 12 Mbps maximum speed. This is one of the most affordable broadband plans in India.

Hayai Broadband

The company has its service in more than 20 Indian cities. Good customer support and good pricing are the main reason why Hayai stays as the most customer-friendly service provider. Hayai offers 1 Gbps speeds with a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) cap of 500GB for Rs. 5,099. It is considered as the lowest price in the industry.

4] Asianet

Asianet is famous among South Indians as it mostly serves Kerala, Tamilnadu, etc. It is available in every district of Kerala state and expanded its services to Tamilnadu too. It has FTTH/DOCSIS 3 connections and plans for 50 Mbps speeds starting at Rs. 549. It has separate business and home plans at affordable rates.

Asianet broadband tariff

The maximum internet speed of Asianet broadband is 200 Mbps. It is one of the rarest service providers which delivers promised speed for their customers. The company has a FUP limit for its plans, but it offers a really good monthly usage limit. It has three different categories for home users – Entry, Unlimited and Ultra speeds. The price, FUP limit, and speed varies on each of these plans.

5] Airtel

No need to mention, Airtel is known for every Indian. It is a very popular telecom giant in the country with its services all over India. The popular telecom operator has a broadband business too. It has FTTH broadband connection for many cities in India.

AIrtel broadband pricing

The cheapest plan at Airtel costs Rs. 499 per month for 105 GB at 8 Mbps maximum speed. After reaching your allotted FUP quota, your speed may be reduced. The biggest Airtel broadband plan costs Rs. 1,999 per month for unlimited data usage at 100 Mbps internet speed. It has bulk purchase options as well, which will save you a good amount on your internet bill.

So, these are the top five broadband internet providers in India. We selected these companies based on their tariffs, service, and coverage. If you have any preferences or would like to share your experience with any of them, please do so here for the benefit of others.

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