Choosing the Best Toner for Keeping the Printer

Quality printing is the lifeblood of many businesses, but finding the right printers and printer supplies can be a real hassle. With so many brands of printers all claiming to the best, it can be quite hard for the average business owner to sort out the hype from the reality. One thing that is true, however, is that using the right toner, fuser and other printer consumables is one of the best ways to increase the reliability of the printer and help it last longer. Top-quality toner also helps the printer increase its printing capacity, yielding more printouts per cartridge and keeping downtime to a minimum.

In fact, many common printer problems, from jammed paper to prematurely worn rollers, can be caused or exacerbated by poor quality printer consumables. From low-quality paper whose rough texture can make printer rollers old before their time to improperly packaged generic toner that can leak and cause streaks and other output problems, what you put in your laser printer greatly influences what comes out.

Printer toner is important, especially for the laser printer. What’s the function of the toner in the printer? Toner is used to forming the text and images on the paper. Toner is available on the powder mixture form. Generally, some chemical compounds are used to make a toner for print such as iron oxide, carbon powder, fumed silica, polypropylene, and various minerals. To make the toner, the plant-derived plastic or petroleum plastic is used. Then, the chemical compounds are mixed and melted by using heat. After that, the toner is bonded to the paper.

Sometimes, the toner can be leaked to the skin or garment during the handling process. However, the people don’t need to worry since the toner can be washed off from skin and garments easily. People can use cold water to clean toner from skin and garments. However, if toner is fused to the clothes, then it will be hard to be washed off. However, if the toner is spilt to the laser printer, it should be cleaned by the special tool that is toner vacuums.

There are some toners for a printer that can be used. Choosing the best toner needs to consider the type of printer. For example, FUJI XEROX CT201372 GENUINE Toner. This toner is a product of Fuji. This toner can be used for the printer and copiers. About 15.000 pages for each cartridge can be supported by this toner. Meanwhile, this toner is supported by the Magenta color. Another product of Fuji is FUJI XEROX CT202246 GENUINE Toner Cartridge Black. This toner can be used for printing about 9000 pages. Like its name, this product is specialized in printing black documents.

Another brand also produces a different toner. For example BROTHER TN-04C GENUINE CYAN TONER. This toner can be used to support the Brother printer. It can be used for printing documents up to 6.600 pages. Like its name, this toner is designed with a cyan color system. Another product of Brother is BROTHER TN-150M GENUINE MAGENTA TONER Cartridge. This toner can be used for printing documents up to 1500 pages.

People can also choose toners from other brands such as HP. The example toner of HP is HP CE270A GENUINE BLACK TONER Cartridge. This toner can be used to support the laser printer of HP. The capacity of printing is higher than the other toner. It can be used for printing documents up to 13.500 pages. However, if the people need to use the smaller toner capacity, they can use HP CE323A GENUINE MAGENTA TONER Cartridge. This toner can be used documents up to 1.300 pages.

In order to choose the toner for the printer, several things should be considered. The first one is the type and the brand of the printer. Normally, the toner brand will follow the brand of a laser printer. Since there are some specific specifications. The second one is the capacity of toner. A home printer may need smaller toner. On the other hand, an office printer or photocopiers will need larger toner.