CocoFax – A good option for HIPAA Compliant Secure Internet Fax

Internet faxing is a new way of faxing that has come up recently and has taken over the old and primitive faxing ways completely. To know all about this amazing method, continue to read on till the end of this guide.

Faxing is one of the major communication media that is widely used. Mainly, its use is because of the amazing security advantages that it provides. Faxes provide complete security and safety to your documents and there is no risk of any intrusion.

But besides having such fame and popularity, there is still a drawback that faxing has. The method of faxing requires big and bulky fax machines in addition to the fax machines and telephone lines. Moreover, you always need to worry about busy signals and printing documents.

And all these things seem to be way too impractical to use in today’s world of technology and advance. Buying fax machines costs money as well as effort. And then you have to maintain them too. Telephone lines have also gone old.

So, the method of internet faxing or online faxing is the perfect solution for all. It’s a new and advanced way of faxing documents and has helped countless fax lovers throughout the world. This advanced faxing method is just what the fax users needed right now.

Internet faxing can only be done through internet fax services. You will find plenty of internet fax services out there but know this that not all of them are effective or well-working. Most of them are just attempts to steal your own private data. That is why we have the perfect one for you here.

CocoFax – Secure Internet Faxing At Its Best

CocoFax is the best of all other online fax services out there. Through this amazing service, you can send as well as receive faxes from all over the world through the use of the internet.

CocoFax also realizes that the private social insurance or healthcare data of an individual can be extremely delicate information, so it takes additional measures for clinging to the HIPAA in the strictest manner.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is intended to keep the social insurance reports of the patients protected and secure. HIPAA ensures that the private human services information of an individual really stays private and that there are no intruders overseeing the private info.

CocoFax has perused and seen all the fine print that is available in HIPAA and all that it incorporates. This is the reason CocoFax has included additional security layers or aspects in its online application, a telephone application, and different interfaces.

With CocoFax, you can fax many kinds of documents from many kinds of devices and OS. CocoFax allows you to fax pdf from Mac and Windows too. Moreover, any device like a computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone can be used for this purpose.

Consequently, CocoFax’s customer base incorporates different medical clinics, insurance agencies, human services associations, and different medicinal services suppliers. Clients can discover numerous choices concerning how they need to ensure and oversee security settings. Here are a couple of these choices:

Access Control

CocoFax’s Access Control setting permits the manager or administrator to alter and control how much access they need to provide for each colleague. They can likewise expel the entrance to a specific part too.

This additionally permits the head to control the settings of inbound email, making it accessible to the planned user(s) as it were.

Safe Data Transfer

The guidelines of HIPAA make it imperative to make sure about information that is moving just as information that’s not. CocoFax makes sure that no third party can see the data. Only the sender and the receiver are aware of it.

Along these lines, CocoFax encodes all the faxes that are in your inbox and ensures that the outgoing and incoming faxes transfer through secure information carriers, scrambled with 128 piece Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Review Control

With CocoFax, there are various layers of review control applied to the document framework. All sent and got faxes are filed consequently and for all time as long as your firm is signed up to CocoFax.

The choice for ‘No Storage’

There is a choice through which all the sent and got faxes are put away in the client’s email as it were. There is no fax put away on CocoFax’s servers. A client can empower this choice effectively through their settings.

Each CocoFax client has the privilege to have their account as well as their information erased from CocoFax’s servers. On the off chance that the client wishes to have their account and information erased, CocoFax doesn’t keep any paper trail or printed archives concerning the relevant documents or faxes.

On the off chance that the user requires any printed reports, the reports are promptly destroyed after they have filled the need for which they were printed.

Information Center Security

CocoFax’s information centers stick to total prohibitive safety efforts (ISO 27001) and the information cannot be retrieved by anybody without approval.

CocoFax’s information centers have likewise incorporated the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), which further supports their safety measures. The safety efforts of CocoFax’s data centers hold fast to the HIPAA prerequisite of keeping information hidden.

Data Security

CocoFax’s cybersecurity and safety group continually break down the systems and servers for any potential vulnerabilities or dangers. Any danger will be wiped out quickly once it’s found. Our protection and security strategies are refreshed routinely to stay in contact with our application refreshes.

CocoFax’s representatives are likewise prepared routinely in safety efforts, which takes out any vulnerabilities on the worker level. Hazard appraisals are likewise directed normally. We ensure that we are agreeable with the HIPAA strategy and maintain our compliance by keeping it refreshed.


So, it’s completely obvious that CocoFax is the best pick if you are concerned about the safety and security of your documents. It is also the exact right choice for healthcare organizations, media clinics, and many other medicinal institutes.