How to create a free website using DropBox and Site44

Creating a website and hosting it on a free server can be a tough task; you need to upload files to the server using FTP in most cases.  This is also not very easy for absolute beginners. However Site44 application on your DropBox makes is easy as you like. Just drag and drop, and your website is up and running in minutes.

With site44 it is extremely easy to maintain a website. It starts with creating a Drop box account and if you already have, then approve the site44 application on your profile by visiting its website.

Now click “Create a new website” button, as soon as you do so, you are allowed to register the name for your website. Enter the name in the text area, if the name is not already taken then it automatically allows you to proceed. One thing to be noted here is that the name you would like to have, becomes as sub-domain to the, example:

Visit your website through the browser and you can see it is up and running, though it displays default content on it. And now you need to edit that. To do so you need to download the drop box desktop application, if you already have it then no need for any extra efforts.

Finally move to the Drop box folder on your desktop which is usually C:->Documents and Settings->Azhar->My Documents- > Dropbox Move into the “Apps” folder, there you can see your site folder as well. And the default “index.html” is your website. Open it using Notepad and edit the content or redefine it. The best part is, as soon as you save it, the complete changes are reflected to the website that is running.

There are no restrictions on using JavaScript and other libraries. Create custom CSS and animate it using jQuery.

Visit Site44 and get started with your first website now.