Do Samsung Galaxy S22 Phones need Device Protection?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series came out, and the buzz is still on as the pre-reservation is going on.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has been receiving excellent reviews for its design to hardware specifications. However, one significant specification is the introduction of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ on both the screen and back of the phones.

If you look back in the past, Corning has a decent reputation for doing well in drop and fall sustenance since Corning Gorilla Glass 3. If you drop a phone from about 4-5 ft height, it wouldn’t have broken or cracked easily, but it did not solve the issue of scratches.

In 2021, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus was introduced, for which Corning claimed that not only will it sustain 20 drops from up to 1 m, but it will also be scratch-resistant.

Since Samsung Galaxy S22 series is the introductory phone series with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass back and screens, a lot of tech reviewers put these phones through some rigid durability tests and well, expectedly enough, these devices are indeed pretty durable. But one thing that is still open for discussion is the issue regarding scratches. It does not show any scratches up to levels 7- 8, which is pretty good but still not completely scratch resistant. Without any scratch protection, you will have to change your display, eventually. And since this is a flagship phone with the latest display hardware, it’ll be difficult to procure and will cost you at least ₹15,000 for screen replacement.

So yes, you do need scratch protection for your device, no matter how tough it is. One of the best brands to serve that purpose in India would be Gadgetshieldz. Gadgetshieldz pioneered the mobile skins and screen guard industry in India in 2010 with invisible mobile skins. Since then, it has continued to provide top-notch quality products required for lightweight, scratch-resistant device protection.

If you want to give your Samsung Galaxy S22 phone a raw and uncovered look, Gadgetshieldz offers 360° clear protection presented in their screen protectors and device protectors. Manufactured using Nano-Polymer Technology, these screen guards and full-body device protectors are virtually invisible and are available in matte and glossy textures. Coming to the functionality, these are also self-healing, i.e., fingerprints and scratches disappear after a while without any effort.

Also, as we have all seen, the phones of this series have minimalistic, elegant and bold ranges of shades. You could be one of those people who love something more creative and artsy look for their phones, so your first instinct is to buy a phone case. But here’s a catch: The Samsung Galaxy S22 series does not have any lightweight phones. The entry-level phone, Samsung Galaxy S22, is 167 g. Samsung Galaxy S22+ is 195 g which is pretty close to 200 g. The premium one, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, is 228 g (equivalent to 230 g). Not only will phone cases add more bulk to these already-bulky phones, but will also ruin their premium look and feel. And for that, Gadgetshieldz is here to provide you with options of mobile skins and wraps for the back panel and side frames. These phone wraps are made of 3M Vinyl materials which are the top-notch quality materials you can find out there. On top of that, the skins collection is multi-textured, ranging from rustic patterns like wood, Leather, Fabrix, and stone to quirky ones like Pixel, Metallic, Hive, Raptor, Camouflage, and Sandstone. You can even customise, mix and match these textures according to your style.

Apart from the variety that Gadgetshieldz offers, every mobile skin, screen guard, and full-body protector is cut precisely per the device design. An alignment test is done thoroughly and repeatedly till the most accurate alignment is achieved. Moreover, these products are very grippy!

And lastly, after you spend so much amount of money on the devices like Samsung Galaxy S22 Phones, with Gadgetshieldz, you can get top-notch quality products for additional scratch protection for a fraction value of the price so you don’t end up spending thousands of bucks later on!

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