How to download Paid Apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad for Free

I know you own an iPhone but not really interested in buying Games and Apps. You either download Games and Apps that are Free or the Lite Version of Paid Games and Apps. Well you do not have to do this anymore because now you will be able to download Paid Games and Apps without even spending a penny.

Yes, you heard it right; you really can download Paid Apps for free. This post will introduce you to some really cool websites that offer you paid iPhone, iPod and iPad Games and Apps for free. And the best part is that all this is totally legal and you do not even have to jailbreak your device in order to do this.

So what I am trying to say here is if you follow the instructions that I tell u and if you are smart enough to follow them on a regular basis, then you will be able to download a lot of Paid and Premium iPhone Games and Apps absolutely free.

As mentioned in the title, all you need is a computer with an Internet Connection and iTunes installed in it. And of course, you should have an Apple Account using which you sync your iDevices using the iTunes installed on your computer.

How is this possible?

Well it’s very simple. Developers want people to download and use their Games and Apps. Many a times users hesitate to download a Paid Game or App because it is new and because there are no reviews or ratings available using which he might be able to judge the Game or App. Hence in order to avoid such problems, a lot of developers and companies give away their Games and Apps for free for a limited period of time. And the websites I am going to tell you about act as informers and messengers that tell you which Paid and Premium Games and Apps are Free for a limited period of time. Hence this IS possible!

Tell me about the Websites please

Sure I will. To be honest, there might be a lot of websites that promote Games and Apps that have been made free for a limited period of time. But honestly speaking, many of them are very poorly built and designed and end up ‘Confusing You’ rather than helping you. So in this post, I will only be telling you about the ‘Top Websites’ from where you can download premium content for free.

1. Openfeint

Openfeint is a very popular name in the iPhone Gaming World. And yes of course it also has a website where you can get some really cool games. This website brings you ‘ONE FREE GAME’ everyday. At the same time it also shows you a list of games that were featured as Free Games previously. It also shows you whether a previously featured free game is ‘STILL FREE’. Hence even if you missed a game, it might still be free for a few more days and you could download it for free.


2. Free App a Day

As the name suggests, this website brings you ‘Free App Every Day’. But that is not true actually. Because this website actually brings to you ‘MANY Free Apps Every Day’. So unlike the name, here you can find a lot of Games and Apps that are free everyday. This website also shows you a list of all the previously featured Free Games and Apps. But it is up to you to check whether they are still free or not because unlike Openfeint there are no indications whether the Games and Apps are still free or not. But this is the only drawback I have found in this website. Ignore that and this becomes one of the best websites to check out.


3. Daily App Dream

Again, another cool website to check out. This website brings to you One, Two or Three Free Games and Apps everyday. This website also shows you a list of Games and Apps that were previously featured as Free. But again the only drawback here is that there are no indications whether they are still Free or not.


4. Free App Alert

Now this website might seem small and simple to you. But trust me, this website could really be helpful in many cases. Believe it or not, this website brings you Premium and Paid Apps worth $0.99 to $4.99 for free. So it’s almost like saving around $5 every time you visit this website.


How do I download the Paid Games and Apps for free?

Well that’s a very good question. And I am happy to say; it’s all very simple. There is no rocket science involved here. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to these websites everyday in order to check out which Games and Apps are available for free.
  • Then you can either click on the Game or App button, which will then open a new tab in which you can see the iTunes view of that Game or App.
  • From there you can simply click on the button named ‘View in iTunes’ and that particular Game or App will be opened in iTunes.
  • Alternately, you can simply note down the name of the Game or App that you are interested in and manually open iTunes.
  • Now once you have iTunes open, directly search for the particular Game or App using the Search Bar. One you get the results, select your actual choice.
  • So now regardless of which method you followed, you should now be on the Main Page of your Game or App in iTunes.
  • In our case, since the app is free you should see ‘FREE APP’ as the button title.
  • Finally, click on the FREE APP button and enter your account details if asked for and your download should start.

Well these are the Top Websites I have for you. Check them out right away and start downloading premium and paid content for absolutely no price. One of the best bargains you will ever get. Hope to see you download loads of Premium Games and Apps each and every day!

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