Eleven creative product packaging ideas

Packaging design is a particularly important aspect of sales. The appearance of the product plays a significant role after the functionality and features of the product. Even with a high-quality product, you can lose to competitors due to ugly and unattractive packaging. Beyond competitive pricing, e-commerce players are competing for innovative packaging ideas.

Think of yourself in an offline or online store. When you choose a new product that you haven’t used yet, you look at the packaging design first. Choosing a hand cream, you can see a huge variety of moisturizers and nourishing creams with the addition of aromatic oils, and in this, the manufacturers are the same, but the packaging that was able to attract the attention of a potential buyer with the help of colors, packaging material and product descriptions will win attention.

In this article, we’ll share some packaging design ideas to grab the attention of potential customers.

Use patterns

The most effective remedy is simplicity. With the help of simple lines, horizontal and vertical, circles, squares, you can create a sophisticated image that will appeal to the vast majority of buyers. Not always a pile of elements can play in your favor. Even when photographing a product, photographers and designers try to get rid of a voluminous background that distracts attention from the product. This can be achieved with the help of the online free tool, which is surprisingly easy to use and highly effective.

Use every inch of packaging

This does not mean that the entire space should be filled with bright and catchy elements. The entire space must be part of a single, well-thought-out concept. You can create a solid color on the outside of the package and use transparent elements to accentuate the bright inside. This balance between monotony on the outside and a wild accent on the inside will create the feeling of premium packaging.

Craft packaging

Many buyers will agree that simplicity is what attracts them when choosing a particular product. Sellers, in turn, believe that if the packaging is too simple, then customers will think that the product is of poor quality, but this is not the case.

The use of craft paper or earth-colored carton shows the naturalness of the product. For variety, you can use colorful inserts with your brand name or product characteristics.

Reception layering

Multilayer packaging of the product will give the buyer the impression of the exclusivity of the product and its high quality. When selling glasses, you can put a velvety bag in a box where you place the glasses. This will help consumers understand that you are considering the emotions they will be experiencing. This will indicate that the safety and integrity of the product are important to you when selling to a client. This can apply to both expensive and budget goods. It’s important to show that sellers care about their customers.

Transparent packaging

Such packaging complements the product inside, giving it simplicity and naturalness. This is especially true for certain foods. For example, if you sell dried fruits or snacks, then each customer will be able to see what awaits him inside, in addition to the colorful description on the label. So he can be sure of the quality of the product and will not face disappointment after the purchase.

Playful design

A bit of humor can have a positive effect on the image of your product. It will delight the client and enhance your brand’s reputation. Don’t try to come up with elaborate cartoons or comics. It is enough to add one playful element or catchy punchline to highlight the value of your product.

Add bright elements

If you want to make a product vibrant and bold, then it’s important to make it relevant and aesthetically pleasing. When selling bottled water, you can decorate part of the bottle so that bright geometric patterns or images are shown through the transparent packaging. This is an unusual and funny element that can highlight even the most basic consumer goods.


The population of the planet is very careful about ecology and environmental protection. Many customers are opting for biodegradable packaging. When creating such packaging, be sure to indicate on the label that it is organic and will not harm the environment. Additionally, offering affordable custom printed mailer boxes with eco-friendly options can further demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, aligning your brand with the growing demand for environmentally responsible choices in packaging. Thus, you can interest the client in your respect for nature, which will increase your reputation.

Festive packaging

Some products can be gifted for various holidays. Having worked on holiday packaging, you can ease the work of your customers by offering them a ready-made solution. This way, they don’t have to waste time and money on wrapping paper or gift bags. For example, a bottle of wine can be wrapped in craft paper or netting for aesthetics. So your clients can safely go to the party with a presentable gift.

Turn an image into a pattern

It is not always beneficial to use classic images, which are unlikely to attract the attention of buyers. Instead, you can stylize the image and render it as a pattern. With the help of simple lines, you can achieve an image of the face of a girl or a kissing couple. Such packaging will increase brand awareness and will be an excellent gift.

Experiment with the types of packaging

If you have a winning product and packaging design that is good for sales, then feel free to experiment with the types of packaging. Use boxes-caskets, tubes, round boxes, irregular, vertical, box-cases, and so on. An ingenious approach to choosing the type of packaging can play on the fact that customers can use the box for other needs.


You have seen many options for your packaging design. Remember that your product packaging should be convenient, versatile, simple and aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to experiment. Sometimes bad decisions lead to unexpected success.