Escalate Your Small Business with These Best 5 Business Phone Number Service Providers in 2020

If your small business wants to greet hello to the new normal of a post-pandemic world, then keeping your business communications a step ahead has to be your prime priority. With a rising number of people working from home these days, there is a great necessity for your business to rely on a professional business phone number service provider. One such solution provides your small business with a more organized method of communication and offers better centralization of the overall communication system.

Thanks to cloud-based communication technologies, that omits away the worry from small business owners. Internet-based communication systems like the VoIP and PBX systems are widely used by businesses worldwide. Often the reliability and flexibility provided by one of these services are incomparable to any other solution and keeps the option of expandability open since the time of their installation. Inline for you to set up a business phone number for your small business, we will furnish adequate information on some of the best business phone number providers to currently exist in this blog.

Advantages of a VoIP Based Business Phone Number

Before heading straight out to some of the best business phone number providers, you need to understand the various advantages one such system provides, and how it can improve the overall profitability for your small business.

  • Low Cost per Call: As the full form of VoIP stands to be voice over internet protocol, you can generally understand that to have one of these systems at your workplace, you don’t have to contact telephone operators. Instead, having a stable working internet connection would be enough to suffice the purpose.
  • Feature-rich Versatility: VoIP is a more tech-savvy method of having a business phone number set up at your office or workplace. Be it call queuing, forwarding, or playing those fancy hold tunes for your customers, a VoIP system does it all.
  • Conference Calls are Much Simpler: There doesn’t lie a better conference call arrangement in any other phone networks than what a VoIP conference call system can offer its users. Adding more recipients happen over a simple click of a few buttons.
  • More Efficient Client Interaction: Major brands like Coca-Cola and JPMorgan Chase have cut terms with their voice mail service provider as they have achieved better and efficient client interactions with a VoIP based business phone number.

5 Best Business Phone Number Provider

Now you will be introduced to five such service providers in no specific orders that offer exceptional services with their VoIP calling systems. You can go through them or feel free to consult with us before you set up a business phone number for your business.


CallHippo can be your ideal choice in line to have a business phone number set up at your office for your small business. Established back in 2016, the service provider stands to be one of the best VoIP service providers of our time. The brand beats all its competitors by a fair margin with the competitive pricing plans it offers to the customers. CallHippo VoIP can be used to connect to over 50+ countries from around the world.


  • Excellent dial-pad options
  • It is quick and easy to set up


  • The administrative user interface of CallHippo can be a little hard to understand initially

AT&T Collaborate

USA’s topmost cellular service provider AT&T has entered the market of VoIP business phone numbers as Collaborate. The business phone solution from AT&T packs a mature list of features. It has a wide range of support for desk phones, and the brand develops its own PBX hardware.


  • Support available to convert the existing desk phones through external legacy PBX Hardware


  • A more complex system for first-time business phone users


Many small and medium business startups use Dialpad’s VoIP business phone number solutions. It works even for the remote workers working from home, and that makes this service provides an ideal choice for your work setup.


  • Switching between calls from a phone to a computer is extremely easy
  • Has the option to add more participants during an ongoing call
  • Setting up is straightforward


  • iOS application of Dialpad faces difficulties in showing caller identity and needs improvement


Another viable option available for your small business when it comes down to VoIP based business phone number is 8×8. Prices are comparatively much lower than other service providers. However, 8×8 drops some of the advanced VoIP Call features from its list. Besides that, all the standard features of a VoIP service will be available with 8×8.


  • Competitive Pricing plans in comparison to others
  • Customer support is top-notch


  • Lacks a lot on essential features also the delivery from the hardware is on the lower side


Line2 is a more modern business phone service available right now. It is affordable and easy to set up as well. Hardware requirements are almost negligible yet provides your business with a customized phone number to match its work style.


  • Call Routing and Recording facilities available


  • Lacks out on features


Now that you know some of the great options available to tend to while setting up a business phone number for your small business, you can visit the pages of each of these service providers to know more. You can even feel free to reach us anytime, and we would try our best to consult you with the best feasible solution.